Kender Magic Items

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ACME Ring of Invisibility - Sam D
All-Cloak - Kiven Thornfinder
Armor of the Five Flames - Adison
Belt of Random Things - Tobigera
Black Onyx Crossbow - Easlethistle Furfang
Boots of Holding - Shralala Timetripper
Boots of random levitation - Samaenthoff {Sam} Merryfoot
Boots of Slippery Mud - Jawselton Lightfingers
Cloack of the Shape Shifter - Hannah HalfHaven
Cloak of Para-noir - Andrew Tucker
Codpiece of many genders - Borrower Thistleknot
Corynna Skylark's Vest of Pockets - Corynna Skylark
Corynna's Vest of Pockets - Corynna Skylark
Dragon Bracers - Darknose "The Sticky Touch" Pocketandrun
Dragons of Slipperkind - Spoonhanger Kickbottom
Flute Of Colors - Dalamar Whisperfoot
Fox's leggings of the Rainbow - Foxworthy Dragonfun
Girdle of the Kender - stephen
Gloves of Borrowing - Tasslehoff Trapspringer
Handkerchief of Sneezing - Larcae Marisfodle
Hat of counting - Magus Stickyfingers
Incredible Blanket of Folding - Rashi Pouchfur, Mage and Eldest of the Kender Sist
Ironkskin Crocodile leather armor - Jason D
Kashmir's Spork of Anniahlation - Kahsmir Woolsweater, the third
Kender Fork of Twisting - Nightfoot
Kender Hands - stephen
Kender Hat of Knowing - Daniel
Kender shirt of magic - Waterlilly newfoot
Kender's ring of keeping - Due
Kenders Hotpants of Reaction - Piers
Lighttongue's Shirt of Never Stays Put - Peregrin Lighttongue
Lord Brinne's Platemail - Jon
Magnetic Chain Mail -10 - JollyFingers Sapdrainer
Mask of Tobigera - Tobigera
Nevercold, Neverhot Robes - Frido Quickhands
Ragged Cloth of Wiping Windows - Ghostbuster Lilypad
Rainbow Gem - Joe Armes
Tasslehoff's clothes - Chao Lord
The All Powerful Shoes of Switching - Hannah HalfHaven
The Amazing Socks of Mint - Kalin Thistleknot
The Blessed Socks of Tongues - Kalin Thistleknot
The Boots of Much Mud - Rian Nettlebranch
The Bunny Slippers of Unicorn Riding - Talinia Snapshocker
The Cloak of Kenderkind - Skip Furrfoot
The Enchanted Kender Armour - Etherin Softfeet and Arlic Seedwind
The Glove of Smashing - Peregrin Lighttongue
The Gloves of Stretchy Metal Things - Edmund Barkwood, Lich slayer
The Kender Robes of Wondifferious Stuff - Eilderhownd Grassburner
Tunic of Cleanliness - Steinpratt
Tunic of Enlightenment - Standback
Ugly Cloak of Unwanting - Alf Featherfoot
Uncle Chickenkicker's Boots Of The Birds - Kerioff Thistlesilk
Vest of infinite return - Slate
Wet sash - Wizbangthewonderful

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