Magnetic Chain Mail -10
donated by JollyFingers Sapdrainer

It looks like a suit of perfectly made chain mail. It will radiate magic if Detect Magic, or some similiar spell, is cast upon it. At first glance it appears to be some version of Elven Chain Mail. Due to it's small size only Kender may wear it. All Kender may wear it.

History: Rumor has it that a group of people of all races, except for Kender of course, got together and thought of a way of getting rid of their Kender companions without them realizing it. This was what they made.

How it Works: Instead of adding to AC, it subtracts 10 from the AC of the wearer, as it tends to draw in all weapons aimed at the poor Kender. But due to it's magnetic qualities and to the fact that it is magically light, it adds 10% to the Kender's Handling abilities, excluding hide which it subtracts 5% to (The makers thought that making it shiny would appeal more to Kender.) It is a cursed item that once put on can only be removed via a Remove Curse spell. Most Kender though, after putting it on will want to wear it because it makes them look so cool, even after they found out what it does.

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