Lighttongue's Shirt of Never Stays Put
donated by Peregrin Lighttongue

This is just yer basic red shirt, with lots of buttons. It has PL embroidered on it (my initials), and patches on the elbows. It also has this big soup stain that just won't go away.

History: My grammy made it for me! She also made the soup that stained it. It was good soup too. She lives in Hylo, so I guess it came from there.

How it Works: It never seems to wanna stay in one place. I go to put it on, and it ends up hanging on the ceiling. Put it in your dresser, it goes to your stove. I even watched it crawl from my bed to the bathtub. Once I was arrested because it crawled off my back and ended up at the butcher shop of all places.

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