Nevercold, Neverhot Robes
donated by Frido Quickhands

The Nevercold, Neverhot Robes are kendersize fitting blue or red robes, depending on what the kender's decision when donning those robes.

History: Those robes were first originated from the IceWall Glacier, made by a crazy mage out of compassion for a wandering kender who was freezing to death there. Any further information about those robes is unknown, it is assumed that that kender is still wearing those robes, still wandering across Ansalon...

How it Works: Those robes provides its wearer with body heat/cold even in conditions of extreme cold/heat where the wearer has no clothing whatsoever except for the robes. It also restores damage caused by cold/heat at the rate of one point per turn. It provides a saving throw bonus of +2 versus cold/heat-based attacks, and reduces damage sustained by -1 per die.

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