Kender Magic Items

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Amulet of the Albatross - Lockpick Swiftfoot
Amulet of the Kender - Insaniac
Badge of Kender Patience - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Bracelet of Entwining Love - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Champions Amulet of Apocolyptic Death - Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer
Dragon's Eye - Red Wraith
hairpin of eternal charisma - Erion Swiftfinger
Hairpin of Kender Glory - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
incisors of vicious rabbity type thing - Swiftboot Woodchip
Kender Bracelet of Dragonability - Darim Goldenleaf
Kender Ring of Language - Rey
Medallion of changing - Jawselton Lightfinger
Necklace of a Robe and Rotten Apples - Iwayhara Daevarien
Necklace of the Rainbow - Kenya Goodfellow
Nose Ring of Appendage Growth - Thorn Chapak III
Rainbow Crystal - Fizban
Ring of Kender Transforming - Chao Lord
Rings of Skylark - Skip Furrfoot
Star Seeker's Pendant - Abrya Treesinger
Tala's Clover Cross Of Good Luck - Master Scribe Torin Kenderson
Talisman of Smoke - Brightangel Thistlesong
The Chaos Charm - Juniper Berrybane
The Fox-Tooth Necklace of Shape-changing - Roadwalker Fullpouch
True Necklace of Healing - Pockets
Wolves Howl Pendent - Howlermoon Silvergem

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