Amulet of the Albatross
donated by Lockpick Swiftfoot

The Amulet of the Albatross is in the shape of a golden Albatross with emeralds for eyes.

History: It was made in a magical accident invloving me, 3 demilitches, a cow, an extraplanar being, and a portal to the negative energy plane. You see, I tried to milk the cow, witch caused the cow to moo in pain and run into the demilitches, who were fighiting the extraplanar being while one was preparing to inject them into the negitive plane. Anyway, the cow destracted the spell-casting demilitch at a crutial point, causing a massive magical explosion, destroying the demilitches and the portal, while the extraplanar being escaped through a planar portal. When the dust cleared, the amulet was left. It didn't look too good, but I took it anyway because I was the only kender there. Now I realize that its outward apperance is irrelevent.

How it Works: The Amulet of the Albatross will turn you into any bird that you have ever seen while you are wearing it whenever you feel like it. It will also turn you into a albatross even if you've never seen one while wearing the pendant.

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