Kender Magic Items

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Coin Of Awe - Dracon Lockpicker
Coin of Kender Pirhouette - stephen
Coin of Persuasion - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Coin of Pouch Invisiblity - Viradus Lightfoot
Coin of the Squeez - Twigit Beachwood
Crysta's Lucky Coin - Crysta Cointosser
Cursed Coin of Kender Voices - Stumbletoe Ropeknotter
Evane's Coin of Transfiguration - Estrikal Thorninbar
Flip Ya For It Coin - Hidd
Kender Coin of Returning - Dara Flor'Tel (c/o Corynna Skylark)
Kender Coin of Slice and Dice and Chop and Julien - Peregrin Lightongue
Magic Kender Coin of Doubleing - Poppin Pouchfiller
Merrin's Magnificent Jumping Coin - Merrin Thistleknot
Strange Coin of Being There - Fizban Trapspringer
The Coins of Neverspent - Thornn Bramblebug
The Kender coin of teleportation - Thistleprick Bookbinder
The mystical coin of Mulhead - Slate
The Mystical Half Steel Piece of Immense Power - Ghostbuster Lillpad
The Wonderful Amazing Coin Of Listening - gien (and co gien) lookaround

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