Flip Ya For It Coin
donated by Hidd

It is a rusty gold color with a carving of a spoon, and on the other side, a treasure chest. It is about half an inch in size and on the side are ancient markings.

History: No one knows where it came from, nor how it was made. But all we know is what is called the Baxter's Tale.

It was a long time ago, before my grandpappy, and there were two brothers, Ule Baxter, and Keey Baxter. They loved playing games, and making little bets. So one day, they were hiking down a trail, passing a hackisack two the other only using their knees. Their legs were flailin' and the trail became steeper. And as fate would have it, or stupidity, Ule stumbled, and rolled down the tree covered hill. The leaves were crunching, and Keey was sprinting down after him. Ule soon came to a stop in a tiny river stream, only a foot wide.

Keey reached the shallow valley. He helped his bother up, and Ule brushed off the dead leaves. But a small glimmer caught Keey's eye and he bent down to see what it was. He scooped up the coin, and showed it to his brother. So, they made a wager. If it landed on the side with the spoon, Keey won, if it landed on the other, Ule would win. So Keey rested the coin on his thumb and flipped it high into the air. The coin bounced off a river stone and landed on the side with the spoon...

How it Works: The coin seems to be an ancient game, where the side of the spoon makes a spoon come into the hand of the one who wagered on that side. The treasure chest's side makes the one thing the other man wants most, or the tool to get it.

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