Kender Magic Items

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Accursed Ring of Unconscious Thought Creation - Balin Lightfoot
Cursed Ring of Eternal Boredom - Her Majesty Aurus the Golden Dragon Queen
Cursed Ring of Heavy Fingers - Kerioff Thistlesilk
Cursed Ring of Parties - Pickerpoket Ringerfinder Nimblefingers
Dreamer's neat shapechanging ring - Dreamer Jingleheim
Elemental ring of lots of neat gems - Ajax
Fizban's Ring of Protection - Merenia Bottomhill
Kender Ring of Healing - Triplever Trapspringer
Kender Ring of Protection from Boredom - Standback
Kender Ring of the Inbred - Piers
Kender smiley ring of happy light - Delbin Nimblefingers
Lighttongues Ring of Absent Mindedness - Peregrin Lighttongue
Monkey Summoning Ring - Lethargic Lad
My Semi-Precious - Burrhoff Tasslefoot
Orangifier - Saera Starcatcher
Philsophers Ring - Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer
Ring of Annoyance - Zelkus Fizban
Ring of Bound Foundation - Andrew Tucker
Ring of butterfly Summoning - Fizban Lockpick
Ring of desire - Arania
Ring of Expressed Thought - Stumbletoe Ropeknotter
Ring of Extreme Taunting - Maseltis Thikknot
ring of facial hair - Pocketz
Ring of green fingers - Sabine Almondhair
Ring of Kender Protection - Aruamos Sightseer
Ring of Kender Reversal - Tobigera
Ring of Kender Thought - Odin
Ring of Partial Invisibility - speedy
Ring of Parties - Pockets
Ring of power - Lee
Ring of Shwizzliness -
ring of snow ball making - fizban lockpick
Ring of Spiffy Stuff Finding with pouch - Nemblin Briarback
Ring of Teleportation - Kala & Tavin
Ring of the Ale! - Histerbriff Woodspoon
Ring of Time and Again - Geeta Applecorr
Ring of True Hearing - Kiven Thornfinder
Ring of Unlimited Strength - Kayli Tanglefoot
Ring of Water - Volfied Raven
The Almighty Ring Of Oops - Traddit Youmusthavedroppedit
The One Ring - Krypton Oathbreaker
The One Ring - Krypton Oathbreaker
The Really Nifty Hot-Potatoe Ring - Endor Fen
The Ring of "Forget-me-own-name-next" - Corynna Skylark
The Ring of a Rather Annoyed Goblin - Peregrin Lighttongue
The Ring of Fame and Fortune - Kitty Robins
The Ring of James Earl Jones - Muerte The Great
The Ring of Many Rings - Kreis Wirespring
Turkey's Ring - Palov Livaloff
Wanderlings magical ring of colour form shifting - Tras Wanderling

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