Kender Magic Items

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Airheaded hAIRband - Felldown Flatface
Cap of Tall Tales - Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer
Crazy Old Coot Pointy Hat - Dracon Lockpicker
Cursed Magic Hat of Falling - Altweena T Pampernut
Fizban's Magical Hat - Kalin Topknot
Habbakuk's Plume - Skip Furrfoot
Hair band of protection from bad hygene - Pockets
Hat of Dark - Pik
Hat Of GullyDwarven Form - Nick
Hat of Holding - Kazzelhoff Bluemane
Hat of Infinite Humor - Arlan Brambletow
Kerioff's Hat of Neverending Daisies - Kerioff Thistlesilk
Lighttongue's Hat of Loudness - Peregrin Lighttongue
Mask of the Bouncy Bunny - Soren Gillaspy
Moon's Mysical Magic Hat of Chickens - Moonbeam Starcatcher
Sillyhat - Daniel
The Cap of Mercelayne Ishkahbahaugh - Juniper Berrybane
The Kender Cap of Oppish Speaking - Spoonhanger Kickbottom
The Kender Dragon-Hat of Fire - Kenya Goodfellow
The kender hat of appearance - Tasslehoff 44
The Kender Hat of Foreverspeech - Nytyngayl Daystar

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