Airheaded hAIRband
donated by Felldown Flatface

A regular hairband, that changes colours magically with the kender's personality. When found, there is a 5% chance that it will still be the colour of the previous owner's last personality. Only kender can cause the other magic to be released.

History: While spending the camp with a mage-friend of mine (I actually don't know who he is, but he sure was nice for letting me borrow some money. Left behind some scrolls though- so careless!) I noticed that he had a small band in his hand. He said it was made of "eelastik" and stretched very far. How neat! When he was sleeping, I took a peek at it, and it changed colours! Then I guess I put it in my hair and left with it.

How it Works: When I think about flying, I feel a real sharp pull on my topknot, and then I am magically lifted into the air. If I concentrate very hard on an animal, I can "polymorph" into that animal for 4D20 hours.

Cap of Tall Tales
donated by Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer

A black and yellow 3-pointed hat with the feather of a goatsucker bird stuck into the side (resembles the hat worm by Robin Hood)

History: A mage, for some reason, was fascinated by kender. He devoted his whole life to studying all the aspects of Kender life. When he was still a young man he realized that the only way to understand a kender was to become one. The day he created this cap is known among dwarves as, "The Day Reorx Cried in Madness".

How it Works: Anyone can wear this cap which is what makes it truly dangerous. The Cap of Tall Tales (also known as Reorxs' Nightmare) gives the wearer the mind of a Kender! The change, however, is gradual and the first signs of kenderism include telling tall tales (hence the name), and inability to concentrate on any one thing for too long. The wearer will NOT turn into a kender however. He/she will retain their looks, their mind will simply be replaced by the mind of a kender. The up side of this magical item is that after a certain amount of time the wearer will remove the cap to look at it (because that's what a kender would do) and the spell will be broken. The wearer retains all the knowledge of what he has done and is generally VERY remorseful towards his companions for quite some time.

Crazy Old Coot Pointy Hat
donated by Dracon Lockpicker

This hat is a purple hat with pink stripes and silvery glitters. Anyone who sees it is drawn towards it because of it's magical properties. This hat, if using the second edition Dungeons and Dragons rules, has a charisma equal to 24.

History: This hat was created when a mage of some sorts, who'd gone mildly insane from a spell of sorts, accidently saved a genie of high power. He wished for his hat to be the most beautiful hat that would draw womans attention, his second wish was for it to sparkle with magic, and his third wish was for it to be just about as powerful as the genie who was saved, thus ending in the hat.

How it Works: The hat makes the wearer more charismatic and strong, and in the hands of a kendermage, makes it so that the kender casts spells of greater power than he/she is capable.

Cursed Magic Hat of Falling
donated by Altweena T Pampernut

A purple-colored wizard's hat, covered in pretty, shiney, silver- colored magic runes

History: No one really knows who made it. It was found on the head of a very unfortunate splattered young Kender.

How it Works: Transports wearer within 1-12 hours of applying, over the nearest high cliff.

Fizban's Magical Hat
donated by Kalin Topknot

it's old and has alot of magical power in it. It's the hat that Fizban the fabulous always lost.

History: How it was made is unknown,but it was Fizban's hat so you'll have to ask him about that. It came from Fizban.

How it Works: If it is lost it will reapear on the wearer's head within a day.

Habbakuk's Plume
donated by Skip Furrfoot

The plumed feather hat of the Blue Phoenix. It's quite a large hat, easily being seen above crowds and the like wherever it goes. The hat is made of a blue velvet, with a fiery orange band around the hat. A large, red, blue, and plumed feather sticks out of the band that encircles the hat, making it quite an eyecatcher. The feather is a fiery red, with streaks of blue in it as well. The very tip of it is a blue- violet colour, with a ruby splotch at the end as well, in the shape of a diamond. Prized as a very pretty and interesting hat, amongst kender at least, it usually will go for at least two chickens, three goatsucker bird feathers, and the head of a cockatrice to make good on any effort to trade for the plumed feather hat. Well, that's what Tripper Burrfoot said..I'd tend to believe otherwise.

History: This particular piece of headwear has far from mysterious origins. It's was made in a shop! Here's the shocker; by an elf! Well, that's the long and short of the hat creation, but the real thing here is the feather. ~*That*~ is the real deal behind the Plumed Feather Hat of the Blue Phoenix. Where did the feather come from you say? Well, a phoenix, obviously! Duh! Quite a rarity, but it happened. The feather itself was taken from the great Blue Phoenix itself, according to myth and lore, although some of the locals around Lemon and Hylo say that someone just dyed the feather fiery orange and blue, let it dry, and that was that. Somewhere the true story lies..

How it Works: What does this all do? Well, the hat gives the wearer +3 to Charisma whenever he or she wears it. That's one benefit of having such a delightfully kender-like hat! The feather has many mystical powers, however. One of which that it is known for would be returning the dead to life. It performs this spell of Resurrection as a 20th level priest, and be made use of once per every five years. It also can cast Cure Light Wounds three times per day, alongside Light, the same amount of times per day. The last greater ability of the phoenix feather would be to cast Heal, which may be used once per week. These spells are not able to be reversed. Cure Light Wounds - 3X/day Light - 3X/day Heal - 1X/week Resurrection - 1X/5 years

Hair band of protection from bad hygene
donated by Pockets

It looks like a normal black head band, with red and white swirls.

History: Even I the Great Pockets Master Thief wasn't allways this good. I was once learning to become a thief and on my first adventure, I was just like a kender in a magic shop. "whats this trip wire in the middle of path do, TWAAANG!!!", "who knew Orcs had such bad breath!", "Yah well the fighters in our party can take any stinky old dragon". It's true I made a few bad calls, But I meant well. Being part of a party is the nick names, Of course I was "The Smelly One" till we got the gully dwarf, But that does not come into this tale. Aside from all of that I also had to get the wood and the provisions. One day in the town square, (Where the General store was located) I had been sent to pick up a few groceries. There stood a human at a counter screaming at a kender to stop playing with everything (notice how I have a kender in all me tales even when they play no part in the plot. If not for that last bit of self control, I to would have been playing with everything in sight. I guessed that the kender had gotten something to. (for the main fact that the shop keeper said, "kender your package is ready, and yours #2) At that point I wished I was #2. Wait I was number two. I approached the counter and gathered my package. On my way back I got hungry so I opened it for a snack, Ack this wasn't my imported jar of honey. It appeared to be a head band, It looked neat black with red and white swirls on it. I placed it atop my head. Just then I approached the camp when I walked into the party they all were marveled at how well I smelt. After that I was no longer the smelly one, they either were going to throw me out of the part or replace me with some one smelly, I believe you know the rest with the gully dwarf. After that I began to serve my purpose in the party.

How it Works: It protects you from getting dirty and smelly. (which is bad, believe me)

Hat of Dark
donated by Pik

A huge black hat (sack) from above.

History: Above! From Above! Not for us, no for this place!

How it Works: Makes dark, binds arms. Dark, so dark!

Hat Of GullyDwarven Form
donated by Nick

It's A Finely Made Cap That appears To Be Falling Appart.

History: It was made by the god Reorx. After losing a bet, he was forced to become a gully dwarf. He used this to swich back.

How it Works: Any non-gully dwarves turn into gully dwarves, any gully dwarf changes into another race, DM's choice.

Hat of Holding
donated by Kazzelhoff Bluemane

THis is a beat up shapless grey hat. It looks as though it has been through dragonfire and actually survived.

History: This hat was made by Sniverblinicanifansiucionmunatibano maxiumzoomacow. A gnomish inventer after meeting Fizban. It came from Mt.Nevermind's Clothing department. on the 304th floor in the second room to the left of the third hallway.

How it Works: This hat will not fall of your head in any circumstances, unless taken off by the wearer.

Hat of Infinite Humor
donated by Arlan Brambletow

The hat is gray and pointed, with a wide brim. It is dotted with small holes and suspicious-looking burn marks. It bears remarkable resemblance to the one that Fizban wore in the War of the Lance.

History: One night while I was on my Wanderlust close to Flotsam I wandered upon the camp of this remarkable mage. He was asleep by the embers of his campfire, and his hat had fallen off. I decided to pick it up and dust it off for him, then I noticed all of the holes in it. I decided that the next time I was in town I would get a much nicer one for him, and put the hat on, in order to keep it warm in case it was magical and he didn't want a new one. He must have been rather careless, though, because he never came looking for it...

How it Works: As I was saying, I was on my way to Flotsam (their jails aren't first-rate like the ones in Palanthas, mind you...) when I found a note inside the hat. It read "Wear the Hat of Infinite Humor in a crowded area, spin around three times while flapping your arms like a chicken, and yell OWAH TAGOO SIAM." Naturally, I did so at the first opportunity, and everyone began pointing and laughing. So when I was taken to the jail, I tried it out, to cheer everyone up. Everyone only glared at me, though, so I suppose it doesn't always work... (Author's note: The true version of this story is much different from the kender's viewpoint. The hat is not, in fact, magical. The mage, having heard that Raistlin Majere commonly kept interesting items for kender to find in order to protect the true valuables, purchased the hat fairly cheaply hid the aforementioned note inside. The result was that he awoke from his journey, shrugged off the loss of the hat, and continued on his search for the Forest of Wayreth.)

Kerioff's Hat of Neverending Daisies
donated by Kerioff Thistlesilk

It's a bright green hat, yellow daisy (black-eyed susan) stuck in the brim. The daisy appears very fresh, as if picked a minute ago. The hat itself is battered and floppy. Kerioff can't figure out if the hat itself is magical or it it's the daisy.

History: Hmm.. let me see. It was around my fourth quest, I think. I had been wandering around in the mountains Solace, waiting for Ayse to finish her business in Haven,and I ran into another kender. We shook hands, traded our maps somewhat (he had a lovely one of the Palanthan sewers..)and he gave me a daisy from his hat, because he said it was the polite thing to do. Imagine that! A polite kender! Well, anyway, I admired his hat, too, just as we were leaving. It was such a nice hat, too. When I found it (he must have dropped it on the path...) it was kind of battered, but it was still nice, so I stuck the daisy back in the brim. Now I make sure to give everyone I meet a daisy, because it's the polite thing to do. Maybe I'll give him the hat back some day, if I ever find him. After all, I only borrowed it.

How it Works: I'm not sure if the daisy's magical or if it's the hat, or a combination of both. Anyways, the daisies seem to inspire friendship and cheerfulness, more so in kender than any other race. (That grumpy centaur wouldn't take one..) The daisies from Kerioff's Hat never wilt, but do take wear and tear.

Lighttongue's Hat of Loudness
donated by Peregrin Lighttongue

It looks like one of them broad brimmed numbers no one in their right mind would where, except it has this really nifty feather on the side.

History: I have no idea how this one was made. It came off of some guys head in Palanthas. I tried giving it back, but he ran off yelling "THIEF!!!!" I didn't see any thieves around though.

How it Works: It makes you very loud. Loud enough to make mountains rumble when you scream. Whispers sound like war calls when you wear this hat.

Mask of the Bouncy Bunny
donated by Soren Gillaspy

It looks like the face of a white bunny with holes for eyes.

History: This mask was made in the White Tower of Wizardry on the 22 of March by Jinjo Gringo, a new wizard, on request of Badger Burrfoot, great great grandson of Tass Burrfoot. He also made a multi colored flower and a purple glass ball and... Oh, you want to know about the mask, well, I'm getting there, it made Bader able to run 3 times his normal speed and jump 3 times his height, it also made a second cousin twice removed's, roomate's, brother's, dog's, best friend's, owner's, neihbor's, dad run 4 times his normal speed and 4 times his height. It was made by taking a bunny's hair, on a full moon, and weaving it into a bunny shaped mask.

How it Works: It makes a kender go and jump 3 times his speed and height, an elf 4 times, and a human 2 times.

Moon's Mysical Magic Hat of Chickens
donated by Moonbeam Starcatcher

Moon's Mystical Magical Hat of Chickens (or M.M.M.H.C) is a medium lavender coloured hat. It slighty resembles a bucket, but it has three white chicken feathers on the left side.

History: Moonbeam found this hat on her wanderlust. "It was in a treasure room of a large green dragon,or maybe it was a small black one, I always mix that one up with the time i..." is what she has to say when u ask her about her unusal attires origin. She claims the three feathers are from Fizban.

How it Works: Once a day for three consecutive hours the MMMHC will produce live chickens.

donated by Daniel

When its not worn its very very tiny about one inch long and high. When put on your head it grows until its all to big for your head, and falls down below your eyes end ears. Its actually just a small piece of cheese enchanted with a strong illusion

History: It was never made cause it actually just an illusion made by a very powerfull rat mage just for fun

How it Works: makes you smell like a very strong smelly old cheese.

The Cap of Mercelayne Ishkahbahaugh
donated by Juniper Berrybane

It's an old looking messanger cap, with a removable lining.

History: Well, the cap originally belonged to a girl named Mercelayne Ishkahbahaugh, but she gave it to me because Mercelayne Ishkahbahaugh is just her river (secret) name. Her usual name is Juniper Berry, and she thought it was neat that are names were so close and the liked the fact that I liked it so she just put it on my head (I swear there's some kender in that girl, she ever looks like me and I rambling? sorry). Anyway, Juniper got the cap from her mother Mearceklear Ishkahbahaugh, who was a powerful wizardess,but she dissapeared when Mercelayne was 7. The cap was one of Merceklear's last presents to her daughter.

How it Works: You put the cap on your head and it will cause whatever you want most to happen. But it only works 1 in 2 times, and it usally cuts stuff a little short.

The Kender Cap of Oppish Speaking
donated by Spoonhanger Kickbottom

This purple cap will fit no head except a kender's head (yes, even with the topknot.) While the kender has on this amazing cap, he can speak and understand oppish with incredible fluency.

History: ?????

How it Works: Now you're probably asking "What the Gully Dwarf's armpit is oppish?" well, I'll be more than happy to tell you. Oppish is a language derived from common (or english, if you know what I mean.) Actually, the only differance between Oppish and English (or common, as the case maybe) is that whenever there is a vowel sound in english, andd an additional OPP in front of it. Thus, "put down your rapier, warrior!" becomes "Popput doppown yoppour roppapoppiopper, wopparroppioppor!" The obvious and only disadvantage to this is that nobody understands oppish.

The Kender Dragon-Hat of Fire
donated by Kenya Goodfellow

The hat is red in color and covered in Red Dragon skin.

History: I found this hat when exploring through a cave in the mountains. After defeating 5 hobgoblins I had to face the keeper of the hat, it was a Adult Male Red Dragon. After slaying him I saw a giant marble table with the hat laying on it.

How it Works: The magical powers of the hat is it allows the kender to use the breath weapon of a Red Dragon half the level of the kender(so a 10th level kender using the breath weapon ability of the hat does damage of a 5th level red dragon, 10d10+5). This ability can only be used 1 time a day. The hat also makes the wearer immune to all types of fire, magical and normal. The only curse of this hat is it causes the wearers' eyes to turn to a dark red color.

The kender hat of appearance
donated by Tasslehoff 44

An old rugged beat up hat with a picture of a hoopak on the inside

History: Well I was yelling at this security guard that I really was Tasslehoff...Well I still am but... anyway then I walked off fuming and tripped the guard. Then this hat flew out of his pack and I didnt want him to lose it so...

How it Works: This interesting hat changes the appearance of a kender to the opposite of whatever they are thinking about. but it doesnt change Strength or anything else just appearance...I think...

The Kender Hat of Foreverspeech
donated by Nytyngayl Daystar

This looks like just a plain green felt hat at first glance.

History: It was made by an insane mage hundreds of years ago. Apparently, he wanted to create something that would make a person talk forever. And be unable to stop talking.

How it Works: This hat makes the wearer talk forever. They do not even stop talking while sleeping. This effect may only be stopped by removing the hat(of course it would have to be forcefully, because any kKender worth his lockpicking tools would want to keep the hat on because "I've never had to talk for forever before!!! It really is an INTERESTING feeling!! You should try it sometime!! Oh did I mention...")

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