Kender Magic Items

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Alicar's Magic Candy - Humphrey Dragonsnot
Apple of Taste - Fizban
Astonish-mints - Tobigera
Bubble Gum of Wonder - McJames ThistleTwister
Cheese of Evil Person Friendship! - Nooselnoof Queso
Earth Elementalists Carrot - Frank Desmond
Garblemock candy - Gregory Spillbow Hornfiller
Hard Candy of Knowledge - Pyro Fleetfoot
Kender Surprise - Thistleprick Bookbinder
Mikes Magic Marshmallow - Topknot Thistleswitch
Mushroom of Rage - Peregrin Lighttongue
Pixie Stick - Tobigera
Saltwater Taffy from the Abyss - Hannah HalfHaven
Super duper Sticky Toffee - Pockets
Suprise Bread - Anton
Tightfist's Magic mushrooms - Tightfist BurrFoot

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