Kender Magic Items

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Almighty Kender Ball - Darilus
Annoying Penguins - Trillia
Apple/Worm of Listening - Misty
Black Orb of Divination - Paithan Quindarr
Block of Pouches - Knof Thistlenott
Bramble's Amazing Comb of Changing Hair - Bramble Moonwillow
Bupu's Magic Rat - Cohenus the Halfling
Chicken Bone of Wandering - Sir Kender
Dead Cat of Light - Sheepieman
Dead Talking Rat of Destiny - Pipin Pocketfinder
Device of Time Journeying - Dragonlancefanatic
Feather of Fizban - stephen
GoldfishBowl of Light - Angela
Hands of Melting - unknown
Ink Vial of the Adventurous Kender - Inkdrinker Mapmaker
Kender Compass - Chao Lord
Kender Replacement Miniature - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Kender String of Seeing - Thistle Eavesdropper
Magic Paint - Scazza Thunderfeet
Magical Yarn of Confusing - Darim Goldenleaf
Mirror of Fantisos - Tobigera
Mouthwash of Taunting - Aissel Quickhand
Mummified Lizard - Selendrile
Murray The UberSkull - Nick
Needle of Escape - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Nikki's Scale - Juniper Berrybane
Nosehair of Wonder - Hidd "Jinx" Widdlerbee
Penguin of Wondorous Power - Pip Moonstealer
Quinby's feather of Falling - Quinby Pathfinder
Raven's Orb - Malar Redwood
rope of Paladine - Tarnic Quicksilver 'of course'
Scales of Neatness - C. Schlichting
Shovel of Wonder - Tassilhoff Willings
Soap of mouth-washing - Dreamer Jingleheim
Spock Ears of Magical Changing - Insane Dream
Teleport Feather of Small Ones - Orbfire Crosspath
The All Kender Pouch Network - Shivam Bhatt
The Ball of Color-changing - Unknown
The Book of Branchala - Pick & Skip Furrfoot
The Box of Interesting Items - Swiftboot Woodchip
The Crane's feather Quill - Merryblessings Bookbinder
The Great Flint of Grassburner - Eilderhownd Grassburner
The Hat of Rabid Bunnies - Trea Trouble-Bringer
The Kender Chain of Sticky Smells - Kayli Shadowalker
The kender Dentures of the Boghog - Jarl Tenderfoot
The kender Map of Infinite Places - Kenfyin Okararv
The Lady O' the Sea - Zephram Bristlyknickers
The Light of the North Star - Tanil Half-Elven son of Tanis Half-Elven
The Live Rat of Power - Ghostbuster Lillypad
The Mirror of Taunting - Kipper Snifferdoo
The Portable Magnetic Hole - Travis Trapspringer
The Scroll of Infinate Answers - Juniper Berrybane
The Scroll of Reinstallation - Andrew Tucker
The Set Of Mapmaking Pens - Chao Lord
The Sharp and Pointy Marble of Magical Imbunement - Jarl Tenderfoot
Thimble of Protection - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Tweezers Of Dragon NoseSqueezing - cooldilo
Wooden Leg of Jumping - Bluto Blutarskiwoodenleg

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