Murray The UberSkull
donated by Nick

A skull.

History: During a battle between The Solamnic Knights And a group of undead raiders, Murray, The Uberskull, one of the dark Zombie paladins of Chemosh lost his body. Over Time, The flesh rotted away, and eventually, the skulls ramblings were used as the basis for a cult. The Cult Was Disbanded when a young kender joined, taking Murray for "Safe Keeping".

How it Works: It floats around like an Ioun Stone from Standard D&D. It allows to to turn undead, turn Paladins\Clerics and it can attach itself to any corpse and re animate it. All Weapons associated with the head of the monster are removed. You must make a will save, DC 15 once per week. If you fail, Your alignment sinks towards evil. Week 1:Lawful Good Week 2:Neutral Good Week 3:Chaotic Good Week 4: Lawful Neutral Week 5: Neutral Week 6: Chaotic Neutral Week 7: Lawful Evil Week 8: Neutral Evil Week 9: Chaotic Evil Week 10: The Character corupted is forced into an in by the skull, and they take a day off.

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