Kender Magic Items

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Ball of Bowling - Klappenooot the Kender
Bored kender's blessed rock - Unknown kendar mage of chorane
Color changing peble of one color. - Litehand Fleetfoot
Crystal Orb of Seeing - Samantha
Cursed Stone of Immobilization - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Dice of Lice - Dracon Lockpicker
Die of return - Slate
Dilliwickle's Diamond of Unboredum - Korgos Grasssprinter
Dragoncube - Chao Lord
Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Fizzeck, the Pet Rock - Hannah Halfhaven
Gem of the Sage - Bramble Moonwillow
Golem's Gem of Anti-gravity - Ajax
Juggling Balls of Increased Agility and Dexterity - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Kender Artifact of Companionship - Keysnatch Windowbreaker
Kender Stone of Bigness - Peregrin Lighttongue
Living Dragon Statue - Kenya Goodfellow
Magic Stones of Mirth - Lil' Wizard
magical stone of throwing - uncle milkweed
Moof"s Mimic Stone - Speakeasy Hotair
Murron's skull - Slipshot Backflash
Nuitari Speakingstone - Thornn Bramblebug
Orb of Kitty Attraction - Keyhole Lockpicker
Pearl of Hylo - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Repeater Stone - Gregory Spillbow Hornfiller
Rock of Swirly Colours - Klappenoot the Kender
Skipping Stones - TheGnomeWithToLongAName
Statue of Llama - Volfied Ravenwhistler
Stone Kender Figurine - Viradus Lightfoot
Stone of Kender Control - Gaffleknot Furrfoot
Stone of Random Ownership - Jarl tenderfoot
Stone of Seeing - Maseltis Thikknot
Stone of Sparkleyness - Magus Stickeyfingers
Stone of the Plaid Dragon - Swiftboot Woodchip
The @$%!!*$ Teleportation Crystal - Jorin Thistleknott
The Kendragon Figurine - Mapshaker Wanderfuss
The Load Stone - Piddlewit Cliffhopper
The Marble of Pouch Dropping - Capinstock Slightfinger
The Marbles of Taunting - Bookworm Pageturner
The Stone of the Keeper - Flop Twinkletoes
Trileaf's Dice of Infininte Fun - Trileaf Dicetell
Wondrous Stone - Arrys - Saviour of the Gullies

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