Stone of Seeing
donated by Maseltis Thikknot

The Stone of Seeing is a round,flat,pointy at-one-end stone,its about 4 inches long.The Stone of Seeing color depends the light you are in,if its a bright day the stone is a shiney metallic blue,if its a dark,cloudy day the stone is a dull blue.Also if tiled the right way you can see streaks of gold green and purple in it.

History: "Well,I am not real sure where it came from,I was in solace onces,reviewing my items whith another kender,and i took out my favourit poutch,and there is was,a mage I know said it was a stone of seeing,he said that dwarfs found a odd looking rock and treasured it,then a dwarf theif took it,and its apeared in sevral places after that,its quite inresting isnt it??"

How it Works: "Its realy neat,see,all you have to do is say a place,hold the stone tightly,and when you look at it,it shows whats going on in that place.It only shows it a few seconds though.."

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