Kender Magic Items

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Bottle of Fizz - Soh Whardego
Butterknife of Butterslicing - Klappenoot the Kender
Celemir's Cup of Wanderlust - Celemir Hillflatten
Dilliwickle's Soup Spoon - Korgos Grasssprinter
Endless Feeder - 2crazy4ever
Fork of Finding - Diggleburry Meriwether Whistleknot
Kender Fork Of Changing - Thistleknot Trapspringer
Kender fork of teleportation - Macromire Burrfoot
Murp's Spoon - Fornson Strayfingers
Otik's Enchanted Potato Fork - Hannah HalfHaven
Puffy's Pot Of Purifying Potatoes - Puffball "Puffy" Silverspoons
Salad Fork of Ergothian Dressing - Stumbletoe Ropeknotter
Shrimp Fork of Insanity - Abrya Treesinger
Spoon of Happiness - Hopper Stoneskipper
Spoon of POWERWORD - Dismar Polifoot
Spoon of Psychic Bending - Klappenoot the Kender
Spoon of sharpness - Fice Tracksmate
Spoon of the Kender - Insaniac
Spork of Grapefruit Slaying - Dracon Lockpicker
Spork, utensil of the future - Alden
Tasslehoff's Spoon (no, the other one!) - Dreamer Jingleheim
Tea Pitcher - Lord Sleepyeyes
The Almighty Pie Serving Pie Server! - Brighteyes
The Blessed Silver Spork of Hanging - Spoonhanger Kickbottom
The Fork & Spoon Of Starvation - WalnutHead
The Fork-pen of Non-hunger - Eiderhownd Grassburner
The Green Fork of Green Stuff - Hop Winterrigner
The Kender Spoon of Turning - Tasslehoff Burrfoot
The Sacred Spoon - Taajka Mayleaf
The Skillet of DOOM - Manny Swifthands
Uncle Podo's Fork of Lifting Huge Gigantic Things - Peregrin Lighttongue
Wonderful Spork of Somethingorother - Simonius

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