Butterknife of Butterslicing
donated by Klappenoot the Kender

a small butterknife with a bit of nice scrollwork on the handle.

History: Klappenoot found it on a trip through market square. a mega big super godly voice said it would become a butterknife of +10 vorpalness if Klappenoot could defeat one creature with it. Klappenoot naturally tried because "Vorpalness" was a funny word. When Klappenoot almost did, the mega big super godly voice changed its mind. "Let it hence be a Butterknife of Butter Slicing" said the voice. Klappenoot hasn't yet found a use for it. It's just as well he collects silverware.

How it Works: if it touches butter, it magically heats itself so it cuts butter like a hot knife through butter. It is also the only thing in the multiverse capable of cutting Magic Butter.

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