Kender Magic Items

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A Mysterious Wand - Rachel Bodmer
Auto-excuses wand - Lilly Lopknot
Fiz's Fetching Stick - Fizzlewig Trapspringer
Kender Colorful Wand - Do you need to know?
Kender Rod of Happiness/Grumpiness - Fizban Trapspringer
Kender Wand of Hight - Standback
Kender Wand of Sheepshifting - Standback
Kender wand of tranformation - Tasselhoff trapspringer
Lighty spark stick - Sivekt Azrak Skazbax
Magic Sparkley Stick - Zeriak Daramis Mapkeeper (Kender
Magic Wand of Borrowing - FeatherKnot Pebblefoot
Olfrek's Amazing Wand of Nothing - stephen
Quip's Fantastic Clawed Wand - missspeller
Simple Wand of Chili Beans - Kinetia Foxfire
The kender wand of random magicial acts. - Termite Bugger
The mystick - Thinklewink Grassrunner
The stick of oops - Strangleknot Thisletoe
Wand of ? - Haroth Coollookingthingholder
Wand of spots! - Kenny

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