Wand of ?
donated by Haroth Coollookingthingholder

A normal wand, almost. It has a golden sphear on the tip. Floating unatached to the sphear (but always about an inch apart) is a curved peice of gols in the shape of the top half of a ?.

History: Its was made when a chaos beats attacked a kender. It hit the kender and they both spontaniously combusted from the pure chaotic energy. When the dust seteled, this wand was sitting in a crater. I saw the whole thing I did.

How it Works: When a Kender (and only a Kender) is desperate and has exuasted all other options, she/he may point this artifact at what ever threatins it or it's friends. When the Kender shouts desperatly the command word "DO SOMTHING" the wand will do exactly that. No one is sure what will happen, or weather it will help the situation at all, but you can always hope.

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