Auto-excuses wand
donated by Lilly Lopknot

It's quite long, about a foot or so, and quite flat. It's skinny, and can easily be held be any kender in trouble. It's kind of brownish gray, and glows in the dark.

History: One day, the gods were bored. Well, at least, some of them were. Well, at least Branchala was. Anyways, he was watching the world go by, and saw some kender in trouble. The kender was caught in the middle of a large gorup of angry dwarves, and was toungue tied! HE HAD NO EXCUSES FOR WHY THEIR AXES WERE ON HIS PERSON! Now, Branchala didn't want to see a dead kender that day, so he made a wand, and it bonked one of the dwarves on the head. And the wand SPOKE! It said, "You dropped it, and he picked it up, for safe keeping." The dwarves were so freaked, they ran away, and never came back. The kender took the wand, and three years later, on my tenth birthday, he gave it to me!

How it Works: If ever a kender is in trouble, and caught without a taunt, or an excuse, the wand makes one for them. And, if the taunt, or excuse doesn't work, the wand makes sure that it, and the kender, are out of there, QUICK!

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