Kender Wand of Sheepshifting
donated by Standback

This wand looks exactly as if a kender with an overactive imagination (oops, that was redundant) was trying to make a wand look mystic and magical. This means a lot of sequins and a strange glow that make the wand embarrassingly inconvenient and conspicuous.

History: This wand was created by Flapper Gladpouch, one of the few kender to have ever had any magical capabilities. Flapper was an apprentice for a white robed mage who was prone to taking unnecessary risks and was not overly fond of his eyebrows. One day Flapper saw the mage practicing a shapeshifting spell. Flapper was very impressed, and decided that his kin should be able to change their form as well, because although it was not very safe for anyone, it sounded like fun. He resolved to create a wand to grant his people this power.

Unfortunately, Flapper was not only rather unsuccessful as a mage, he was also slightly illiterate. He could memorize something fairly well, but was not that good at spelling in general. Thus he mistakenly created a kender artifact which has been handed down from father to neighbor to passerby to teammate to guard who confiscated all the kender's stuff to different kender prisoner, until it came to where it is today: right in my pouch. Here, I'll show you, it's re- HEY!

How it Works: As the name suggests, this wand has the amazing mystical magical supernatural ability to shift sheep, that is, to move them from one place to another within a radius of 4 miles. However, if a kender takes one battle turn to patiently explain to the staff that it is a SHAPESHIFTING staff, by Reorx, not a SHEEPSHIFTING staff, then that kender can use the staff one time in the same battle to get a 60% chance to permanently turn one of his opponents into a sheep. Likewise, explaining to the staff it's true purpose ("SHAPE! Shape, SHAPE, SHAPE, you lousy-- ") will give the kender a 60% chance to, for 2d6 hours, change the sheep into some other living creature. NOTE: A creature turned by the wand into a sheep cannot be altered again with the wand.

Any creature can use the staff to move sheep, but only a kender can use it for one of the other two actions. It is said that if a truly powerful kender mage uses the staff, he will be able to use it as was originally intended, with no time limit. Then again, it's also said that kender are thieves and cutpurses, and we don't believe that either.

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