Kender Artifacts

by Eric Jwo - DragonLance 5th Age

Kender Weapons

Some of the kender weapons mentioned in this article have yet to be covered in official boxed sets. Therefore, I have provided the weapon stats for all of the kender weapons mentioned in this article below:

Weapon Type Class Dmg Other
Chapak Melee L +3 Hurl missiles
Hoopak Melee M +4 Hurl missiles
Sashik Personal VL +2 N/A
Whippik Melee VL +2 Hurl missiles
Throughout the Dragonlance Saga, the kender race have been a complete nuisance to every one they have met. Their complete disregard for personal property, as well as their annoying tendency to get on one’s nerves have plagued the inhabitants of Krynn since the Age of Dreams, when the kender were supposedly created by the Graygem. In fact, kender are so intolerable, that the people of Ansalon have coined the phrase, "Nothing is worse than a bored kender." However, kender have quickly become one of the most loved races in the Dragonlance Saga. Such famous kender as Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Kronin Thistleknot, and Blister Nimblefingers have charmed both readers of Dragonlance books and players of Dragonlance games everywhere. Resembling slender and mischeivous halflings, the kender were created by the wild magic of the Graygem. Most say that they were created from the gnomes along with the dwarves. Others insist that only elven stock could have produced a race as nimble and agile as the kender. The elves, of course, fiercely deny their possible ancestry with the kender.

The other races of Krynn tend to have magical artifacts that are deeply rooted in their history. The Kagonesti elves covet the Ram’s Horn of the Elderwild as a bond with the silver dragons of Krynn, while the dwarves revere the Hammer of Kharas. The Dragonlance is also an example of a powerful artifact, one that has its roots in the history of the peoples of Krynn. Without the Dragonlance, it is very doubtful that the forces of Light could have vanquished the minions of Takhisis in the Third Dragon War, as well as the War of the Lance and the Chaos War. However, the kender have never had any artifacts that they could actually produce. Numerous stories (known collectively as kender tales!) do mention magical items of great power that have changed the course of kender history. Many discount these stories as just the annoying rambling of this diminutive race. However, these kender artifacts as important in the Fifth Age as any other magical relic.

While in the Fourth Age, kender have been unable to wield the more powerful aspects of High Sorcery, it stands to reason that such a spirited race could have produced items of great magic. This article details the magical items and relics from kender history. Some have their roots deep in kender history, while others have appeared just prior to the Second Cataclysm or even in the Fifth Age. These items have accumulated such fame that nearly every kender has at least one of them. Whether these items are actually so widespread is unknown, while many just attribute those claims as typical kender idiocy.

Items of Distinction

Wyrmkiller is a chapak wielded by a kender in the a Fifth Age. A chapak is an ax-like weapon created by the kender. The back of the blade splits in two, and allows for its wielder to use the end like a slingshot. Brasswell Lightfinger was a previously unknown kender who emerged to fame late in the Fifth Age. Supposedly, Brass, as his friends call him, slew a red dragon with one stone from this enchanted chapak. The size of the wyrm grew with every tale, so now the kender all over Ansalon breath a sigh of relief that Malystryx’s twin sister is dead. The red dragon was actually little more than a hatchling, who had been wounded in a ferocious battle in the Dragon Purge. When Brass set out to slay the dragon and keep his friends safe from harm, he luckily aimed for the dragon’s already wounded eye. The sharp rock pierced the wounded dragon’s eye and shattered its brain. This chapak was cut from a solid oak tree. It’s handle is the color of light peach, and carvings of dragons adorn the wood. Bright feathers usually adorn the handle, as Brass is partial to birds.
This chapak is an item of distinction, giving it a +2 bonus. A chapak normally does +3 damage, so the total damage for this weapon is +5. Against dragons, however, the chapak does double damage. Brass is still alive and on wanderlust today, so his legend has not grown to enormous proportions yet. Therefore, their is only one of these chapaks on Ansalon, and Brass has it. How this chapak was enchanted, nobody knows.

The Lockpicks of Earwig Lockpicker

Earwig Lockpicker is the cousin of Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Hero of the Lance. Earwig accompanied Raistlin and Caramon Majere on several adventures, including a heroic battle with the Dark Queen in the city of Mereklar. When Earwig passed away in the Chaos War, his lockpicks were given to his daughter, Rosemary Lockpicker. She has been on numerous adventures since, and has sworn that her father’s lockpicks are enchanted. The story of how they were enchanted changes with each telling, but most versions speak of a mysterious Catlord named Bast as well as a human woman named Catherine. These lockpicks are held in a leather strip that extends outwards with pockets for the lockpicks. The lockpicks are made from pure silver, and there is one in the collection for every type of lock. Two intertwining grooves run across the top of each one, marking them as the property of the Lockpickers.
These lockpicks give their wielder an automatic trump bonus to any attempts at picking locks. The lockpicks also project an aura of silence, making it one degree harder for its wielder to be surprised by someone, and one degree easier for its wielder to surprise someone.

Earwig’s Bottomless Pouch
Earwig Lockpicker had one more supposedly magical item. He supposedly acquired this pouch on an errand to Palanthas, where he found it when a red robed wizard happened to misplace it. Deciding not to bother the wizard in the middle of what appeared to be magical study, Earwig happily left the city with the magical pouch. In previous ages, there were many of these pouches, and they were called Bags of Holding. However, after the Second Cataclysm, these magical bags became extremely rare. Rosemary Lockpicker, Earwig’s daughter, owns the pouch. This bag is bleached leather, with the sign of two crossing lockpicks branded into the side. It seems like a normal pouch, and gives no indication of its magical properties.
This pouch allows its bearer to place an extraordinary amount of material in it. It appears to be a small pouch that holds roughly two fistfuls worth of materials. However, the pouch is capable of holding nearly 27 cubic feet worth of material. For any kender, this pouch is a must have, as most kender tend to accumulate many items and must keep many pouches to hold them all.

Items of Renown

The Hoopak of Dizzy Longtongue
Dizzy Longtongue is not even known to have lived before. He is the main character of a popular kender joke about Dizzy and a minotaur. His hoopak, however, was reported to be able to return to its wielder. Dizzy made a bet with a minotaur that his hoopak would fly around a forest and then return to his hand. When the hoopak did not return, the minotaur ate Dizzy for dinner. Of course, then the hoopak did come back. Many non-kender do not understand the joke, but have been amazed to see the skillful handling of this hoopak. This hoopak has changed hands many times, as kender are more relaxed than other races when it comes to personal property. Dizzy’s hoopak was carved from a slender aspen, which had been struck with lightning. As dark as coal, the hoopak sports no ornamentation except for two colorful feathers near the top.
Being an item of renown, this hoopak has a +4 bonus. Also, when used by a kender, this hoopak will always return to its wielders hand when thrown.

Paxina’s Hoopak
Paxina Thistleknot was the daughter of Kronin Thistleknot, a popular kender hero from the War of the Lance. During the Kender Flight, Paxina was the ruler of Kendermore. However, this valiant kender gave her life to halt Malystryx’s advances long enough for her people to flee the Red Marauder. Paxina’s Hoopak was supposedly lost in the destruction of Kendermore, although many kender have claimed to have discovered the weapon. Popular kender legend states that Paxina slew three score ogres with her hoopak, as well as the leader of the ogres in a fearsome death match. It is said that whoever wields the true hoopak of the late Paxina, should rule over the kender. Belladona, the current kender in charge of Hylo has discredited such rumors. Paxina’s Hoopak was cut from a dead branch from a vallenwood tree. Its rich brown texture sports many carvings, most of which are purely aesthetic. Her name is engraved on the top handle, and the rim is topped with platinum.
Paxina’s Hoopak is an item of renown, giving it a +4 bonus. However, when wielded against dragons or dragon spawn, the bonus becomes a +8 bonus. Should a kender prove that he or she wields Paxina’s Hoopak, he or she will enjoy a Trump bonus for all Presence actions with kender.

Sashik of Entanglement
A sashik is a traditional kender weapon that resembles a beaded sash. In actuality, a sashik is a weighted weapon consisting of laced rope, beads, and weighted pouches. The mesh of the sash is coarse and netlike and weights align the edges. This allows its wielder to flail at or entangle enemies. The original Sashik of Entanglement was created by the a kender wizard named Noblosha Lampwick. Although many scoff at such a notion, the kender honestly believe in this legend. Noblosha was experimenting with kender weapons, and managed to imbue a sashik with the powers to automatically entangle enemies. The kender wizard then mass produced these magical weapons, and gave them to friends and family as presents. Since then, these sashiks have circulated across Ansalon. These sashiks come in a variety of colors, although dark red and light blue are the more common colors. The beads are all brightly colored and mismatched, and the netting is made of finely tempered steel, which bends and flexes like rope.
A sashik normally does +2. However, since these magical sashiks are items of renown, these kender weapons have a magical bonus of +4, and a total bonus of +6. Also, if a kender successfully hits an enemy with one of these sashiks, he or she can perform an easy Dexterity (Agility) action to entangle the enemy. Once entangled, one cannot break free without the wielder of the sashik’s consent, or magic.

Whippik of Accuracy
A whippik is another kender weapon. This weapon consists of a wooden handle, and a looped portion of catgut at the end. This simple weapon can be used by kender to whip or hurl darts at enemies. Noblosha Lampwick, the first kender to pass the Test of High Sorcery (according to kender folklore),also created Whippiks of Accuracy. Just like the Sashiks of Entanglement, the wizard produced these many of these magical items, and distributed them among his friends and family. They have spread across Ansalon, and every kender has supposedly owned a Whippik of Accuracy at some point of his or her life. These whippiks have ivory handles, with sign of the three moons of sorcery engraved in the handle. The loop at the end of the whippik is made of finely tempered steel.
As an item of renown, these whippiks have a +4 bonus. Also, any attempts at missile combat with a Whippik of Accuracy warrants an automatic trump bonus.

Items of FameTasslehoff’s

Burrfoot has become one of the most celebrated and revered kender of all time. Not only does his own race recognize him as a hero, but members of other races who would normally look down upon a kender recognize what this heroic kender has done. Not only is he a Hero of the Lance, but he also went back in time, witnessed the Cataclysm, went to the Abyss, twice, traveled with the most powerful sorcerer Krynn has ever seen, Raistlin Majere, and he saved the entire world by stabbing Chaos in the foot Since then, Tasslehoff’s name and property has shown up just about everywhere. Renown for his skill at picking locks, kender everywhere are beginning to claim that they possess his lockpicks. These lockpicks come in an ivory case, with a hoopak engraved at the top. The lockpicks are made of the finest steel, and are virtually unbreakable. There is a lockpick for every occasion in the collection.
Anytime the owner of these lockpicks attempts to pick a lock, the card is an trump. Also, the difficulty of the lock is reduced by two degrees, to a minimum difficulty of easy. Also, anyone possessing these lockpicks receives an automatic trump bonus for all Presence actions when dealing with kender.

Spoon of Wellness
After Tasslehoff Burrfoot’s demise, stories about his unparalleled heroics flew everywhere. Many kender claim that he possessed a Spoon of Wellness, which he used to save his fellow Heroes of the Lance on many occasions. While history certainly does not show any recollection of such an item, kender stubbornly adhere to their stories. The Spoon of Wellness is a normal sized spoon carved of blue crystal. A sapphire is set in the handle, and gold engravings wrap around the spoon like the hands of a loved one. Supposedly, the spoon was a gift from Mishakal, which explains the sign of two intertwining teardrops on the back of the spoon. Once per day, the spoon will return one card or one point to any one person. Also, the owner of the spoon is surrounded by a -4 aura of protection.

Items of Glory

Uncle Tas’ Ring of Transformation
When Tasslehoff Burrfoot was a guest at the Tower of Wayreth, he found a magical ring of shapechanging. This particular ring turned him into a mouse. Since then, kender from all over Ansalon have claimed to possess "Uncle Tas’ Ring of Transformation." Tasslehoff’s true ring does in fact exist, and is somewhere among the kender. Whoever wears the ring can transform into a mouse once per day. The ring is made of ivory, with a mouse’s head. Two red stones serve as the mouse’s eyes. When worn, the owner of the ring may transform into a small white mouse. All equipment, however, does not transform with the wearer. However, there are dangers in using this ring. For every minute after the transformation, the kender must attempt an average Spirit action. After three failures, the kender forgets that he was a kender, and remains a mouse forever. A mishap also signals the same fate. However, a kender can change back into his or her true form by simply willing it. A kender can retain mouse form for up to an hour, unless he or she has truly become a mouse. In mouse form, a kender’s Intellect and Essence scores remain the same. Mouse. An animal. Co 6, Ph 1, In Same, Es Same, Dmg +1, Def -0.


Kronin Thistleknot became a legendary figure among the kender people when he slew the Dragon Highlord Toede. Not only was he celebrated as a hero by his race, butt nations all over the world acknowledged his heroic feat. Although the true story of Toede’s demise is still unclear, Kronin always liked to boast that it was his enchanted hoopak that slew the evil hobgoblin. Cleverly, the hero named his weapon ToedeSlayer after his first retelling of the feat. However, early on during Malystryx’s conquest of what is now known as the Desolation, the Red Marauder destroyed a kender village named Woodsedge with her fiery breath. Kronin Thistleknot died while fighting Malystryx, with his enchanted hoopak blazing in his hand. No trace of Kronin was found after Malystryx’s flames died down. Only his purple shoe, which was soon after placed in the Last Heroes Tomb by his children, survived the flames. ToedeSlayer was nowhere to be found. Popular kender legend says that when ToedeSlayer is needed again, it shall reappear in the hands of a great kender hero. The legend has yet to come true.
ToedeSlayer is an old, worn hoopak that does not display any abnormal qualities. it resembles many other hoopaks, save that the name, "Kronin Thistleknot" has been carved along the side. Since it is an item of Glory, ToedeSlayer has a +8 enchantment to it. Also, ToedeSlayer does double damage to hostile nonhumans, including goblins, trolls, hobgoblins, giants, bugbears, and more.

Items of Legend

Rabbitslayer is indeed a great artifact. It was Tasslehoff Burrfoot’s lucky dagger during the War of the Lance. This magical artifact got its name when Caramon Majere, fellow Hero of the Lance, said that it would only be of use against ferocious rabbits. Tasslehoff "found" the magical dagger somewhere near the cursed lands of Xak Tsaroth. Although Goldmoon once proclaimed that the blade was "blessed by the gods" and "more powerful than imagined," others merely scoffed. Tasslehoff always believed that his dagger was magical, however, and never hesitated to let anyone know. Tas always bragged how his dagger seemed to always return to him. However, in the final battle against chaos, the dagger proved its worth. Tas stabbed Chaos’ toe with Rabbitslayer, and managed to produce the drop of blood necessary to drive Chaos away from Krynn. All people’s, not just the kender, recognize Tasslehoff’s sacrifice, and know of the potent enchantment laid on the dagger. The dagger is small, no longer than a stiletto, although its blade is still as wide. It gleams as if made of silver, although it is clearly made of some stronger alloy. Rabbitslayer disappeared from Krynn in that final battle with Chaos, although many kender have claimed to have possessed the dagger at some time or another. While it used to be an item of Glory, Rabbitslayer has risen to such esteem in Ansalon, that its magic has grown. Rabbitslayer is now an item of Legend, lending it a +10 bonus. If lost or stolen, Rabbitslayer automatically returns to its owners hands within a day. Only if given away willingly, does the dagger get a new owner.

Kender Spoon of Turning
Another famous artifact that Tasslehoff carried, was the Kender Spoon of Turning. Originally carried by Uncle Trapspringer, this spoon was reported to actually be able to ward off the undead. Although many claimed that the spoon Tasslehoff used in the Summer of Chaos was simply an ordinary dining utensil of Dalamar the Dark’s, the kender stoutly maintain their belief that Tas had a holy relic. The spoon is said to be bright silver, with a splotch of blood (what type of blood varies according to different legends) on the handle. After the last battle with Chaos, the Kender Spoon of Turning was left behind. Now, it rests in the Last Heroes Tomb along with Tasslehoff’s other personal possessions. Many kender have traveled to Solace simply to gawk at the potent artifact, and curiously, none have accidentally procured the spoon. Out of respect of the departed Tasslehoff, no kender has ever tried to "borrow" anything from the Last Heroes Tomb.
The spoon is a potent weapon against the undead (according to the kender). To ward off undead, its owner must present the spoon boldly, and succeed in an easy Presence (Spirit) action. If the action succeeds, then the target undead must flee from the scene. If multiple undead are present, then the undead with the highest Spirit resists the action, and a random flip from the Fate Deck indicates the number of undead turned.

Balif is among one of the most legendary figures in kender history. According to most kender, he is the father of their race, as well as the first and only kender to command the Silvanesti armies and befriend the first Speaker of the Silvanesti elves. Balif’s heroic actions in the First Dragon War are known throughout Krynn. The elves, particularly the Silvanesti, however, don’t appreciate the kender using one of their own legendary figures as one of their own. The supposition that Balif could be a kender is absurd and infuriating to the elves. However, the kender happily ignore this fact, and continue to tell their legends. Balif supposedly wielded a magical sword that made up for his stature. The sword is only about two feet long, and is decorated with fancy gems. The sword was said to actually extend outward to slay Balif’s enemies. The sword currently resides in Silvanesti, where the marshal of Silvanost wields it.
Longreacher is a short sword of renown, giving it a bonus of +10, and total damage of +13. Against dragons, Longreacher does double damage. Any attempt to strike a foe automatically becomes one degree easier with Longreacher.

Kender Legends
There are few legends among the kender. Perhaps this is because few feats are considered difficult or heroic to a kender. The attitude, "I could have done that if I wanted to," seems to sum up the kender way of thinking. However, some kender have done some extraordinary things that have even stunned the kender. More often, however, it is only when the rest of the world begins to acknowledge a kender as a hero that the kender race begin to truly revere any of their own. Throughout their time on Krynn, the kender have been looked down upon and ridiculed. When one of their own is suddenly admired and respected, that definitely catches their attention. The artifacts above by no means exhausts the amount of kender artifacts available in the Dragonlance setting. Of course, it does narrow down the available true magical items of the kender peoples. There is no reason why there could not be more kender magical items in the Fifth Age. After all, in the Age of Mortals, anything is possible.

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