Gully Dwarf Magic Items

Axe of the Gully Magi
donated by Unknown Gully Dwarf

It is a mud-spattered, ancient hand axe that is very rusty, chipped and nicked.

History: No one knows where is came from.

How it Works: It is a +2 hand axe of speed.

donated by Wyrbender

Two, handsized, grey, similiar shaped, igneous stones.

History: Was discovered by one very intelligent Gullydwarf named Bumkin when he saw a rat, and picks up a stone to hunt it with...then he saw two rats (actually two, not a gullydwarf "two") and picked up a second stone. Bumkin kinda got depressedwhen the rats didn't hang around to be slain, he slumped his arms dejectadly, accidently slamming the two rocks together, creating a surprising sound. Getting carried away, he started bashing the rocks together until his finger got between them, at which point he started hopping up and down yelling in pain. (Thus inventing the first gullydwarf music, dance, and song)

How it Works: Makes a harmonic sound when clashed together. If right stones are found, can also make a light show by setting the gullydwarf musician on fire, from the sparks created.

Bash's Long Stick of Mighty Ouchies
donated by Bash the Gully Dwarf

It is a plain looking 1ft stick.

History: It was found by Bash while gathering burning stuff. When he got back to his house he decided to smack his brother with it. It really hurt.

How it Works: It is really a part of a dead druid's staff that happened to be a +6 keen wepon... He now wields his stick where ever he goes. Who knows someone might find the other 3 pieces...

Bat of Power
donated by jesterjoe20

This is a baseball bat with wings. It is all black, so to the typical gully dwarf it looks like a bat(animal).

History: A twisted, insane black robe named Rratt(R-at) was always being chased by gully dwarves thinking his name meant he was a rat. So to get rid of them, he made this.

How it Works: When a gully dwarf sees it, they immediatly try to eat it and if they do then it deposits a poison in the gully dwarf that makes it more intelligent and lets them know that just because a person is named "Rat" doesn't mean that they are a rat!!

Bupu's Magic Rat
donated by Cohenus the Halfling

A dead Rat.

History: Bupu found it in Xak Tsaroth.

How it Works: Nothing. No Dead Rat, BIG MAGIC!

Da Big Poker Stick
donated by GullyGod

The Big Poker Stick looks just like a stick, 1' long, just picked off the ground. It has two feathers, one black and the other white, attached to one end.

History: It is basically what it looks like except enchanted. It was made by a planes wandering demi-god who took pity on the lowly Gully Dwarves. He created this mighty weapon to aid them in some way.

How it Works: When wielded by a gully dwarf it is a weapon does 6d6 bludgeoning damage at +6 to hit.

Hat of counting
donated by Magus Stickyfingers

A old pointy hat with a wide brim and a ribbon whichi guessing was once pink hanging form the top. This item is very dirty and it looks like a wild rat with rabies was set loose on it.

History: It was created a very long time ago by an unknown wizard who took a shine to the antics of gully dwarvs.

How it Works: Well, let's see-puts hat on a gully dwarf that happens to be passing by and asks the dwarf to count the number of candies in a bag, "one, gulp, two, gulp, ten, gulp, twnty-four, gupl..." In conclusion, this item may have once worked, but, the counting spell seems as full of holes as the hat.

Hat of Dark
donated by Pik

A huge black hat (sack) from above.

History: Above! From Above! Not for us, no for this place!

How it Works: Makes dark, binds arms. Dark, so dark!

Hat Of GullyDwarven Form
donated by Nick

It's A Finely Made Cap That appears To Be Falling Appart.

History: It was made by the god Reorx. After losing a bet, he was forced to become a gully dwarf. He used this to swich back.

How it Works: Any non-gully dwarves turn into gully dwarves, any gully dwarf changes into another race, DM's choice.

Lighty spark stick
donated by Sivekt Azrak Skazbax

It's a pointy metal stick (rapier with no handel). many little knicks.

History: It was made by some one Tall. it came from not This Place.

How it Works: When hit agaisnt rock it makes shiny sparks go places. BIG MAGIC!

donated by Standback

Normally, it is a mud-encrusted sword, slightly bent out of shape. Should a gully dwarf happen to pick it up, it will emit a flash of light, and be transformed into a splendid, impressive sword of finest dwarven steel. If the gully dwarf puts it down again (or dies), it will revert back to its usual state.

History: Mudraiser was created by Quexizotl the Queer, a strange, hermitlike red-robed mage whose bizarre artifacts are infamous throughout Krynn.
It appears Quexizotl thought it would be amusing (or perhaps he had some actual reason - only Gilean knows for certain) to create a magical weapon usable only by gully dwarves - indeed, a weapon that turns a gully dwarf into a fearsome warrior. He set about crafting and enchanting a magical sword, which he dubbed "Mudraiser." He then cast a spell which hid Mudraiser in a completely random location somewhere on Ansalon, unknown even to Quexizotl himself.

How it Works: When wielded by a gully dwarf, Mudraiser acts as a magical short sword +3. The gully dwarf's strength is augmented so that he can actually carry the weapon (his Strength is raised to 16), although chances are he won't have the slightest idea how to use it. Every time the gully dwarf succesfully hits his foe, the foe will be magically covered with a thin layer of wet, sticky mud.
If a non-gully dwarf tries to use Mudraiser, it acts as a cursed short sword -2, save that the wielder may discard the weapon if so he choses. If a dwarf (other than a gully dwarf) tries to use Mudbringer, it will act as a cursed short sword -3, and the dwarf will be unable to get rid of it, and will be forced to use it in all melee battles until "remove curse" is cast upon him.
BTW, this can be a great item to place in a Dragonlance campaign - just think of your players' consternation if their dwarf spends months trying to get rid of the cursed thing, and just when he does a gully dwarf comes along and... SUPERBULP! A Mudraiser- bearing gully dwarf would make a great NPC (or even PC, possibly, if you've got a creative roleplayer). Or maybe your players need to stop the gully dwarf who's been wreaking havok with his newfound strength ("Noooo! The Aghar's back again!").

Mummified Lizard
donated by Selendrile

It is a mummified forest lizard, somewhat like a very wrinkly iguana. Its limbs stick out sharply at it sides.

History: It is a mummified lizard originally belonging to Bupu (who didn't actually know what it could do). It once lived in Darken Wood.

How it Works: When a person (gully dwarf or otherwise) says the Secret Magic Word (which is actually "Halitosis") the lizard will come to life as a talking familiar who can transform to a 12-foot-long green dragon upon occasion. It will not harm the one who awakened it.

Murp's Spoon
donated by Fornson Strayfingers

Gee, let me think... A spoon! Slightly bent.

History: Murp discovered the spoon when a wizard of the white robes tripped over him. Being good he rolled his eyes and continued on his way. He didn't realise his magic spoon was missing! Murp saw it and picked it up. (typically of a gully he lost it within a week)

How it Works: It turns any item (inanimate objects only) into the food the user most desires. All it requires is it too touch the object (with the spoon) and say the food you want.

Mushroom of Rage
donated by Peregrin Lighttongue

This mushroom is bright red, with yellow spots all over the cap. It can get to the size of a human male's hand sometimes, but more often it's the size of a large mouse.

History: To explain how it was made would involve an intense study into the nature of fungi and their reproductive systems, but that's boring. Suffice to say you find them in the woods or in a goblin's stew (or Gully Dwarf's for that matter).

How it Works: Just about anyone who eats one will go into a blind rage, running around and destroying anything in their way. I saw a gully dwarf eat a pouchful of these, and he went on a rampage for a week before he finally passed out. However, these do not, I repeat, DO NOT work on kender. I tried one once, and I merely slumbered for two days. So apparently it puts us kender folk to sleep. But don't give it to anyone else!

My Semi-Precious
donated by Burrhoff Tasslefoot

At first glance, it looks like a diamond in a steel setting, but upon closer inspection(Which doesn't happen that often), it is revealed as a piece of glass in a hank of iron.

History: One day, a Gully Dwarf named Fagris was watching a (Human)forge-master at work. As the forge-master worked, a hunk of half-molten iron flew away and landed in front of Fagris. He stuck his finger in to see if it felt nice. "AAAAARRRRGGGGG!" There was now a finger-sized hole in the iron. In an incredible brainstorm(For a Gully Dwarf), he used a nearby piece of glass to try to scoop up the metal. as he was trying, however, the metal finished hardening. He took it to a nearby mage to ask him if it was BIG MAGIC. The mage said "Hmmm... Yes, yes, I see BIG MAGIC in this ring.*snigger*" "It ring? Me wonder. What it do?" "If I read this scroll, it will turn you invisible." The mage read the scroll, and the ring glowed purple. Fagris took the ring and wandered off. "Wait! You forgot to pay meeeeee...."

How it Works: It turns you upper half invisible if worn on your hand, and your lower half invisible if worn on your toe.

Necklace of a Robe and Rotten Apples
donated by Iwayhara Daevarien

It's a dark shaded robe [which has seen it's better day's] which is going throught several apples, in fact it's going throught one.. two..and that one... and that one...TWO apples.

History: Probably some child thought it was funny to stick a robe throught several apples, and then tie it's ends together so it look like a necklace. It must had fallen into mud when the child bored, and some lucky Gully Dwarf found it and picked up this marvelous necklace.

How it Works: It looks ugly and creates awful smell. No human, elf, dwarf or even Goblin dares to come near the owner of this smell possessing item. Logically, it -has- to be BIG MAGIC!

Quip's Fantastic Clawed Wand
donated by missspeller

This wand is 12 inches long & is toped with a mummifed pixie hand. All of which by some unknown prosses was transformed into teek wood.

History: No one knows where this fablous item came from but it is enved by all gully dwarfs that see it ( till a rat hapens by that is).

How it Works: It scratches things & has a +4 to do it to!

Ragged Cloth of Wiping Windows
donated by Ghostbuster Lilypad

It's a dirty piece of cloth ripped off of a red shirt.

History: It was found by the first great Gully mage,the great BogGulp, in a myterious laundry sack.

How it Works: It...wipes windows and makes them clean! This is obviously a magical property to the Gullys.

Ring Lovers Case
donated by Kender Lore Master

Smaller than an avarage pouch. Between the sizes of a normal pouch and a small spell book.

History: Made by an unknown kender who somehow got a mage to tell him how to use power of mind reading, used this power on a pouch full of magic rings he had aquired.

How it Works: Basicly, you put your hands in the pouch, think of what rings you want or the effect you want and the rings will appear on your fingers when you remove your hands from the pouch.

Stone of Sparkleyness
donated by Magus Stickeyfingers

A beautiful ruby cut to have many faces. When it catches the sun it sparkles most wonderfully.

History: It came from a kender who acquired it from another kender who acquired it from yot another kender who acquired it from a Mountain dwarf stone cutter.

How it Works: It goes all sparkley and pretty when you put it the sun...

Teethbrush of Vanquishing
donated by Iwayhara Daevarien

A dirty toothbrush colored blue.

History: Nobody knows the story of this ancient magic weapon, but the Gully Dwarf strongly believe it was created in the second Dragonwars for only gully dwarf use, by the three gods of magic, Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari.

How it Works: There is little knowledge of this in the civilized world, yet if you ask from any gully dwarf, they'll faint or either run away in panic. This ancient weopon can actually clean their faces from several mud layers, and are usual artifacts of the rulers in Gully Dwarf society.

The Glove of Smashing
donated by Peregrin Lighttongue

It kind of looks like a gauntlet from a rather heavy suit of armour, with the remnants of somebody's arm still decomposing inside of it.

History: It was found by a rather adventurous Gully dwarf who happened to come across the corpse of a warrior. The gauntlets looked particularly interesting, and he tried to bring back both of them, but only one would budge, so he took it.

How it Works: It smashes things. Hence it's name. (It doesn't smash rocks or steel or anything, but it does account for the recent rise in broken bones and noses in the Gully Dwarf population.)

The Live Rat of Power
donated by Ghostbuster Lillypad

A rat. A live one. And its dirty,since rats don't usually take baths and brush their teeth.

History: Well, its a little known fact that Reorx was dyslexic. When Reorx was hired to make a very powerful Hat for Fizban, he accidently made a very powerful Rat. Fizban didn't like it, so he threw it down to Kyrnn,where gully dwarfs promptly tried to eat it.

How it Works: It breaks the teeth of any gully dwarf who tries to eat it, since it's hide (supposed to be the hat's lining) was made to be invulnerable. Generations of Gullys have broken their teeth on it and never eaten rat again, so the other rats consider it a 'Live Rat of Power' and worship it. Yet today Gully Dwarves are still trying to eat it.

The Mystical Half Steel Piece of Immense Power
donated by Ghostbuster Lillpad

A regular half steel piece coin.At least it looks like it...

History: This great and powerful coin was given to a great Gully HighLulp, whose name would have been always remembered if it wasn't forgotton, by a human mage.The black robed mage swore on his honour that it would save the Gullys in time of need.

How it Works: It is the salvation of Gullykind! And it only cost us a few ugly stones...what's thier names? Diamonds, thats it.

The One Ring
donated by Krypton Oathbreaker

It's this ring. It's gold and shiny. Very shiny. *smiles*

History: Well, see, It's this ring....That's all it is. I um, I sort of found it...well, not really found it...maybe it fell into my pouch? ..I was near this really hot mountain and there was some sort of battle. Thinking it was Mount Nevermind, I went closer to have a look. There were these little fellows that looked a lot like Kender an I went closer to have a chat. A really big orc screamed at me and I screamed back and I spoke to this Frodo character and he gave me his ring! ...Er, he didn't really give it-- He dropped it and I sort of picked it up and hoped to see him again to give him the ring back. Anyway, I carried on with my quest and I ended up in Xak Tsaroth (which is quite remarkable 'cause last I heard, Xak Tsaroth was ruined). Then, these gully dwarves were very nice and before leaving, I decided to leave them that ring. ...Either that or I must have misplaced it somewhere along my adventure. It's definately not in my pouch anymore.

How it Works: It turns you invisible! How amazing! And when you put it into the fire, weird squigly doodles come out, isn't that something?

The Sacred Spoon
donated by Taajka Mayleaf

A Fork...missing one of its four prongs with a tarnished opalescent handle, slightly blackened from fire.

History: No one knows who made it but it originally belonged to Dalamar who brought it at a market in Palanthas as part of a 16 piece cutlery set.

How it Works: It attaches food to itself enabling you to eat without getting your hands dirty...unfortunatey the Gully Dwarf who has it is using it as a butt scratcher at present...

Torn Pouch of Unlimited Holding
donated by Timber Telltale

It is an old leather pouch that is tattered and torn. There is a long tear across the bottom of the pouch.

History: It came from an old Black robed mage. The Gully Dwarf Tungu saw the mage lose it after it got caught on a shard of broken wood.

How it Works: First, it will hold as many items as you put in it, though the items are hard to retrieve. Second, The pouch does not gain weight as items are added. Finally, it also duplicates the item that was put in it, as an exact replica is usually found laying on the ground in the general area. No Gully Dwarf has yet figured out the magic word to retrieve the items.

Tunic of Cleanliness
donated by Steinpratt

The Tunic of Cleanliness looks likes an ordinary gully dwarf tunic. However, it is spotlessly clean.

History: Legends say that long ago there was once a wizard who was great friends with a gully dwarf named Bugg. However, the wizard couldn't stand Bugg's filthiness, so he enchanted Bugg's tunic.

How it Works: When worn by a gully dwarf, the gully dwarf cannot get dirty, no matter what happens. It's easy to recognize a gully dwarf wearing the Tunic of Cleanliness, since they aren't in their usual state of being filthy.

Tunic of Enlightenment
donated by Standback

It's a plain tunic, so filthy that it's original color cannot be discerned. It has three shiny buttons below the collar.

History: Legend tells that long, long ago, Branchala and Gilean become angered at the evil god Hiddukel. In the argument that ensued, Branchala spit at Hiddukel, with three globs of spittle landing on his tunic. At somepoint thereafter, a magical kender literally stole the shirt of Hiddukel's back, and gave it to some gully dwarves. But in retrospect, that makes no sense whatsoever.

How it Works: Any gully dwarf staring at the tunic can correctly count the three shiny buttons (which magically never get dirty nor fall off). They suddenly realize that there exist numbers higher than two. Then they look away and promptly go right back to rat hunting.

Wet sash
donated by Wizbangthewonderful

Its a soiled red sash, tattered at both ends.

History: In the ruins of some old city, (now a gully dwarf city) this sash was found in a doctors office or hospial of sorts. Origanally intended for crossing deserts and keeping the sick from overheating.

How it Works: This sash is always sopping wet, dripping water constantly. When squeezed it will keep dripping water. A useful adventuring tool in the past, for desert crossings and a supply of water. The gully dwarfs now have it. When twisted and cracked like a whip it stings painfully (1 dmg) and leaves a red welt. owch!

Wonderful Spork of Somethingorother
donated by Simonius

It's a regular shiny metal spork, kinda spoonish, yet nearly forkish.

History: No one knows the true history of its creation, though some speculate that it was born of a spoon and a fork that were smashed together by the giant mountain that fell on them in the catyclysm.

How it Works: It's powers are that of a spoon and fork combined, able to scoop things as well as the ability to spear things on its pointy ends. Some have found also that when you look at one side of the spork, your relection is upsidedown while on the other side your reflection is rightsideup.

Wondrous Stone
donated by Arrys - Saviour of the Gullies

It's a reddish stone, the shape of a strawberry.

History: It was made by Arrys, a gnome prankster/mage...

How it Works: If a gully dwarf licks it, it tastes like strawberry! If a non-gully licks it, it tastes like gully drool. Whenever a gully dwarf says the stone is his/hers, a magical bond is created between the gully and the stone. If the stone is taken away from the gully, or he/she throws it away, it appears to his hand or pocket... Whenever another gully declares the stone as his/hers, it affixes to him/her.

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