Wand of spots!
donated by Kenny

It´s a little stick with a long, collourful band of all the bright collours of the world wrapped around it, covering the wand totally. Every time the wand is used, about ½ inch of the spiral- shaped collour-band magically disapears! Neat...

History: It was made by a kender-painter who happened to be a wizard. He was so borred about his paint, being so.... collour-less!:( He then decided to do something about it, and created this wand!

How it Works: Every time the command-word is spoken and the wand is touching something, it creates a great, shiny, collourful spot on whatever surface, it´s touching! For every use, the collour-band shortens by about ½ inch. The band automatically regrows over night and allows for a maximum of 25 uses per day. The spot(s) remain on the target no-matter what is tryed in order to remove it/them (who knows how many times you may be able to poke someone before he becomes violent?). The spot(s) will automatically disappear within 24 hours of the time it/they was attached to the target.

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