Kender Wand of Hight
donated by Standback

This is a short wand (about 10 inches) with a little pointy silver star at the end. The wand is coated with a thin layer of pyrite, and has etched on it a very thin, very tall kender, who stretches the whole length of the wand. The star glows in various colors, constantly shifting between yellow, green, pink and orange (all in bright neon).

History: This wand was the second one created by Flapper Gladpouch, the kender mage who was determined to grant his people the ability to shapeshift. After his first failure (the Kender Sheepshifting Wand), he decided that he must have tried too complex a spell. Instead of the high-level polymorph spell he had used the first time, he enchanted his wand with a new spell: "Hight." Unfortunately, his illiteracy caught up with him again, and he could not remember how to spell "hieght" properly. He tried once, but failed miserably. "How was I supposed to know about those thrice-damned 'silent letters?'" he asked angrily afterwords. "Who came up with this messed-up language, anyway?" However, not all was lost, and Flapper was able to re-enchant the staff with the proper spelling. It is rumoured that Flapper later created several duplicates of this wand, although how many and which spelling was used for each is unknown.

How it Works: The "Hight" spell elongates any creature vertically, thus, (Flapper explained proudly, having previously memorized certain words from his neighbor's dictionary,) making that creature taller. Any creature can use the wand (up to twice a day) to make himself grow to a hight of up to seven feet. This effect will last 4d6 hours, and then will terminate without any warning. Growing higher than seven feet requires a constitution skill of at least five points over the desired hight (i.e., a character with a constitution of 15 may grow up to 10 feet). Growth to this hight last only 1d6 turns. Whatever hight a creature grows to, he can end the spell and revert to his normal hight whenever he wishes. This ability is especially valuable to kender, because a tall kender looks very similar to an elf, as long as he can keep his curiousity and other kender traits in check. Because of Flapper's original mistake, a kender (and ONLY a kender) can use this wand as a Wand of Hit, which can be used in combat and does 1d4+1 damage. Thanks to another flaw in Flapper's spellcasting, any creature attempting to use the wand to make himself shorter will, for 1d4 turns, become a pair of shorts.

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