A Mysterious Wand
donated by Rachel Bodmer


History: It was discovered when a kender sat down on a rock, (whoopie) searched for something interesting, and later found it in his/her (no one is sure) pouch.

How it Works: When cast upon a sitting area, the next ten people to sit there will witness the full force of the wand's power, even if it is not there. Whoopie.

Auto-excuses wand
donated by Lilly Lopknot

It's quite long, about a foot or so, and quite flat. It's skinny, and can easily be held be any kender in trouble. It's kind of brownish gray, and glows in the dark.

History: One day, the gods were bored. Well, at least, some of them were. Well, at least Branchala was. Anyways, he was watching the world go by, and saw some kender in trouble. The kender was caught in the middle of a large gorup of angry dwarves, and was toungue tied! HE HAD NO EXCUSES FOR WHY THEIR AXES WERE ON HIS PERSON! Now, Branchala didn't want to see a dead kender that day, so he made a wand, and it bonked one of the dwarves on the head. And the wand SPOKE! It said, "You dropped it, and he picked it up, for safe keeping." The dwarves were so freaked, they ran away, and never came back. The kender took the wand, and three years later, on my tenth birthday, he gave it to me!

How it Works: If ever a kender is in trouble, and caught without a taunt, or an excuse, the wand makes one for them. And, if the taunt, or excuse doesn't work, the wand makes sure that it, and the kender, are out of there, QUICK!

Fiz's Fetching Stick
donated by Fizzlewig Trapspringer

Looks like an ordinary tree branch, 2 feet in length, that is bent slightly in the middle. There is a small carving of a dog in the center of the stick.

History: I first discovered I had it when I was quite rudely asked to leave the tower of a wizard I once met. He said he was busy doing a bunch of extremely boring experiments that I would be uninterested in, and sent me on my way. Thinking it at first to be a rather uninteresting branch, not even suitable to make a hoopak with, I decided to throw it away.

How it Works: I discovered its true power several days later as I sat in a small tavern in Palanthas. I called to the serving girl to "Fetch" me the special of the day. I sat in contented silence for several minutes, sifting through the contents of my pouch, when a stick came crashing through the window. After being blamed for the damage and thrown from the tavern, I examined the stick, and discovered it was the same one I dropped along the road two days earlier. I soon discovered that every time I threw it away, it would return the moment I said the word "Fetch". To test its abilities, I even tried tying things to the stick, and ever time the stick would return, dragging along anything attached to it, no matter how heavy. I finally lost it one day when after throwing it, it was picked up by a gully dwarf who ran off with it. I tried calling "fetch", but it never returned.

Kender Colorful Wand
donated by Do you need to know?

A small, unassuming brown wooden wand, except the end is covered in a patch of leather that constantly shifts color.

History: The creation of it is unknown, though it is assumed that either an insane (or kender) wizard created it as an experiment. It was recently found in the possesion of a Kender named Hapsfeld "Ferret-face" Redtaunter, who had it taken from him by his companions after an "incident". It's whereabouts are no longer known, (It's assumed Hap has it back).

How it Works: Simply enough, anything it's tip touches changes a random bright, vibrant color. The color "wears off" after a few hours returning to the original color, however it still can raise a great deal of havoc. The leather tip cover prevents it from changing the color of the pouch that carries it.

Kender Rod of Happiness/Grumpiness
donated by Fizban Trapspringer

This rod looks almost exactly like an old rotting stick to anyone but a kender. To a kender it looks like a wonderful shiny stick, but made out of shiny platinum. It has, depending on the situation, either a a yellow smily face, or dwarven grumpy face at the end.

History: It is believed that since it looks like platinum that Fizban made it. One legend says that Fizban was walking by a stream and stubbed his toe on a rock. In his anger he kicked a rotting stick, enchanting it with happiness. Some years later an old grumpy dwarf did the same thing, put enchanted it with grumpiness.

How it Works: A kender can attempt to make any demihuman creature excessively happy or grumpy for 2d8 hours. If the creature saves against wands the effect is negated. If attempting to make a dwarf happy, the kender recieves a -2 penalty and the dwarf gains a +3 bonus, because dwarves are really grumpy. If attempting to make a dwarf grumpy the wand has a 25% chance of backfiring, making the kender user grumpy. If attempting to make a kender happy, there is a 25%chance that the wand will go haywire and make frogs fall from the sky.

Kender Wand of Hight
donated by Standback

This is a short wand (about 10 inches) with a little pointy silver star at the end. The wand is coated with a thin layer of pyrite, and has etched on it a very thin, very tall kender, who stretches the whole length of the wand. The star glows in various colors, constantly shifting between yellow, green, pink and orange (all in bright neon).

History: This wand was the second one created by Flapper Gladpouch, the kender mage who was determined to grant his people the ability to shapeshift. After his first failure (the Kender Sheepshifting Wand), he decided that he must have tried too complex a spell. Instead of the high-level polymorph spell he had used the first time, he enchanted his wand with a new spell: "Hight." Unfortunately, his illiteracy caught up with him again, and he could not remember how to spell "hieght" properly. He tried once, but failed miserably. "How was I supposed to know about those thrice-damned 'silent letters?'" he asked angrily afterwords. "Who came up with this messed-up language, anyway?" However, not all was lost, and Flapper was able to re-enchant the staff with the proper spelling. It is rumoured that Flapper later created several duplicates of this wand, although how many and which spelling was used for each is unknown.

How it Works: The "Hight" spell elongates any creature vertically, thus, (Flapper explained proudly, having previously memorized certain words from his neighbor's dictionary,) making that creature taller. Any creature can use the wand (up to twice a day) to make himself grow to a hight of up to seven feet. This effect will last 4d6 hours, and then will terminate without any warning. Growing higher than seven feet requires a constitution skill of at least five points over the desired hight (i.e., a character with a constitution of 15 may grow up to 10 feet). Growth to this hight last only 1d6 turns. Whatever hight a creature grows to, he can end the spell and revert to his normal hight whenever he wishes. This ability is especially valuable to kender, because a tall kender looks very similar to an elf, as long as he can keep his curiousity and other kender traits in check. Because of Flapper's original mistake, a kender (and ONLY a kender) can use this wand as a Wand of Hit, which can be used in combat and does 1d4+1 damage. Thanks to another flaw in Flapper's spellcasting, any creature attempting to use the wand to make himself shorter will, for 1d4 turns, become a pair of shorts.

Kender Wand of Sheepshifting
donated by Standback

This wand looks exactly as if a kender with an overactive imagination (oops, that was redundant) was trying to make a wand look mystic and magical. This means a lot of sequins and a strange glow that make the wand embarrassingly inconvenient and conspicuous.

History: This wand was created by Flapper Gladpouch, one of the few kender to have ever had any magical capabilities. Flapper was an apprentice for a white robed mage who was prone to taking unnecessary risks and was not overly fond of his eyebrows. One day Flapper saw the mage practicing a shapeshifting spell. Flapper was very impressed, and decided that his kin should be able to change their form as well, because although it was not very safe for anyone, it sounded like fun. He resolved to create a wand to grant his people this power.

Unfortunately, Flapper was not only rather unsuccessful as a mage, he was also slightly illiterate. He could memorize something fairly well, but was not that good at spelling in general. Thus he mistakenly created a kender artifact which has been handed down from father to neighbor to passerby to teammate to guard who confiscated all the kender's stuff to different kender prisoner, until it came to where it is today: right in my pouch. Here, I'll show you, it's re- HEY!

How it Works: As the name suggests, this wand has the amazing mystical magical supernatural ability to shift sheep, that is, to move them from one place to another within a radius of 4 miles. However, if a kender takes one battle turn to patiently explain to the staff that it is a SHAPESHIFTING staff, by Reorx, not a SHEEPSHIFTING staff, then that kender can use the staff one time in the same battle to get a 60% chance to permanently turn one of his opponents into a sheep. Likewise, explaining to the staff it's true purpose ("SHAPE! Shape, SHAPE, SHAPE, you lousy-- ") will give the kender a 60% chance to, for 2d6 hours, change the sheep into some other living creature. NOTE: A creature turned by the wand into a sheep cannot be altered again with the wand.

Any creature can use the staff to move sheep, but only a kender can use it for one of the other two actions. It is said that if a truly powerful kender mage uses the staff, he will be able to use it as was originally intended, with no time limit. Then again, it's also said that kender are thieves and cutpurses, and we don't believe that either.

Kender wand of tranformation
donated by Tasselhoff trapspringer

A gold plated steel rod with an emerald embeded in the front and small semi- precious stones embedded all over

History: It Made by a outcast black robed archmagus in the age of might thrown out of the conclave for a crime long forgotten. The black robe was left borderline psycotic from his especially horrible test at Istar and the dijection didnt help. In his rage he created this item to inflect a fate worse than death, the most horrible fate ever conceived. He gave it to a guiless kender to inflict fate upon people but the kender used the wand on him before and he was killed by a kender hating mob before he could see his masterpeice at work.

How it Works: Its friendly, valuble and most of all SHINY apperence has interested any kender who sees it. Any1 who the kender uses this on first starts to feel strange and before they know it have there subconcious transformed into a kender subconcious as well as there bodies into kender bodies. all the while they are still the same person with the same memories, likes, dislikes ect. but they become gripped with wanderlust, friendly, curious ect. the person is doomed to this fate for the rest of there lives, a kender body and mind with human, elf ect memories and feelings.

Lighty spark stick
donated by Sivekt Azrak Skazbax

It's a pointy metal stick (rapier with no handel). many little knicks.

History: It was made by some one Tall. it came from not This Place.

How it Works: When hit agaisnt rock it makes shiny sparks go places. BIG MAGIC!

Magic Sparkley Stick
donated by Zeriak Daramis Mapkeeper (Kender Thief...er...Borr

It's a cardboard yellow star with sparkles glued on it taped onto a sparkley colored pipe cleaner and colored ribbons tied to it that hang down...

History: It was made by a mage that wanted to keep a kender busy and out of his lab...some magic was put into it for the mage's own amusement...

How it Works: It sparkles and shines when the sun catches the sparkles which makes it appear harmless...but little does an unsuspecting party know that it puts a huge arrow that shines brightly over the party making monsters aware of the party...but the party is unaware of the arrow and the kender user isn't about to tell them that s/he can see the arrow they can't...

Magic Wand of Borrowing
donated by FeatherKnot Pebblefoot


History: The more intellegent races believe that it was made from a gnome experimenting with magnets but of course to Kender its magic.

How it Works: When you stick it into someones pouch all steel items will stick to it. That is why kender love it so much.

Olfrek's Amazing Wand of Nothing
donated by stephen

A stick. But it's magical.

History: A guy named Olfrek made it but he can't remember why.

How it Works: It has a command word, which is "Crannarlfet askizz melothan dramlara cadalhouesse." But, even when the command word is spoken, absolutely nothing happens. Kender are excited when finding its powerful magical aura but are generally quite disappointed when they find that this is all it amounts to.

Quip's Fantastic Clawed Wand
donated by missspeller

This wand is 12 inches long & is toped with a mummifed pixie hand. All of which by some unknown prosses was transformed into teek wood.

History: No one knows where this fablous item came from but it is enved by all gully dwarfs that see it ( till a rat hapens by that is).

How it Works: It scratches things & has a +4 to do it to!

Simple Wand of Chili Beans
donated by Kinetia Foxfire

This wand is a simple wooden rod with a picture of a bowl of chili engraved on its side.

History: I'm not sure, but a really hungry mage must've made it..

How it Works: When you wave it at a person and say 'Eeny Meanie Chili Beanie', it dumps a huge pile of pinto beans on the person, effectively trapping them. 25% chance that the beans are mixed in with hot chili sauce.

The kender wand of random magicial acts.
donated by Termite Bugger

This looks like a small, gnarled twig.

History: My uncle Trapspringer gave it to me.

How it Works: This wand casts a random magicial spell of any level the kender would be able to cast if he were a mage with his level. It has 100 charges, and generaly lasts 10 minutes after the kender finds it. (Or until he kills himself). This is considered the most dangerous magicial item in existence. When you believe you see a kender with one, don't run, don't hide, don't try to apprehend him, just repent your sins.

The mystick
donated by Thinklewink Grassrunner

It looks like a big wooden stick with a small blue gem, that can't be removed, in the top.

History: It is unknown who made it, but it is rumored to have been made
by a gnome trying to capture lighning. He failed and created a
stick that cover his home in a myst for 20 years

How it Works: The Mystick is a simple stick that when slammed into the ground
cover the area in a thick myst for 100d1000 weeks. It is impossible
to shoot through with missle weapons, it is also impossible to
see farther the 2ft in front of you no matter what race you are.

The stick of oops
donated by Strangleknot Thisletoe

It looks like a regular...ordinary stick, except for the little grey rock running down the center.

History: This um...stick was found under neath a vallenwood. Hmmm...theres a name on it. Made by Oopsknot FizzlebaOOM!

How it Works: You touch someone on the head with it, and the user gets transported to anywhere, ranging from inside a gully dwarfs dinner, to the the sky! Before the user is spirited away, they always say oops...

Wand of ?
donated by Haroth Coollookingthingholder

A normal wand, almost. It has a golden sphear on the tip. Floating unatached to the sphear (but always about an inch apart) is a curved peice of gols in the shape of the top half of a ?.

History: Its was made when a chaos beats attacked a kender. It hit the kender and they both spontaniously combusted from the pure chaotic energy. When the dust seteled, this wand was sitting in a crater. I saw the whole thing I did.

How it Works: When a Kender (and only a Kender) is desperate and has exuasted all other options, she/he may point this artifact at what ever threatins it or it's friends. When the Kender shouts desperatly the command word "DO SOMTHING" the wand will do exactly that. No one is sure what will happen, or weather it will help the situation at all, but you can always hope.

Wand of spots!
donated by Kenny

It´s a little stick with a long, collourful band of all the bright collours of the world wrapped around it, covering the wand totally. Every time the wand is used, about ½ inch of the spiral- shaped collour-band magically disapears! Neat...

History: It was made by a kender-painter who happened to be a wizard. He was so borred about his paint, being so.... collour-less!:( He then decided to do something about it, and created this wand!

How it Works: Every time the command-word is spoken and the wand is touching something, it creates a great, shiny, collourful spot on whatever surface, it´s touching! For every use, the collour-band shortens by about ½ inch. The band automatically regrows over night and allows for a maximum of 25 uses per day. The spot(s) remain on the target no-matter what is tryed in order to remove it/them (who knows how many times you may be able to poke someone before he becomes violent?). The spot(s) will automatically disappear within 24 hours of the time it/they was attached to the target.

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