Kender Rod of Happiness/Grumpiness
donated by Fizban Trapspringer

This rod looks almost exactly like an old rotting stick to anyone but a kender. To a kender it looks like a wonderful shiny stick, but made out of shiny platinum. It has, depending on the situation, either a a yellow smily face, or dwarven grumpy face at the end.

History: It is believed that since it looks like platinum that Fizban made it. One legend says that Fizban was walking by a stream and stubbed his toe on a rock. In his anger he kicked a rotting stick, enchanting it with happiness. Some years later an old grumpy dwarf did the same thing, put enchanted it with grumpiness.

How it Works: A kender can attempt to make any demihuman creature excessively happy or grumpy for 2d8 hours. If the creature saves against wands the effect is negated. If attempting to make a dwarf happy, the kender recieves a -2 penalty and the dwarf gains a +3 bonus, because dwarves are really grumpy. If attempting to make a dwarf grumpy the wand has a 25% chance of backfiring, making the kender user grumpy. If attempting to make a kender happy, there is a 25%chance that the wand will go haywire and make frogs fall from the sky.

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