Fiz's Fetching Stick
donated by Fizzlewig Trapspringer

Looks like an ordinary tree branch, 2 feet in length, that is bent slightly in the middle. There is a small carving of a dog in the center of the stick.

History: I first discovered I had it when I was quite rudely asked to leave the tower of a wizard I once met. He said he was busy doing a bunch of extremely boring experiments that I would be uninterested in, and sent me on my way. Thinking it at first to be a rather uninteresting branch, not even suitable to make a hoopak with, I decided to throw it away.

How it Works: I discovered its true power several days later as I sat in a small tavern in Palanthas. I called to the serving girl to "Fetch" me the special of the day. I sat in contented silence for several minutes, sifting through the contents of my pouch, when a stick came crashing through the window. After being blamed for the damage and thrown from the tavern, I examined the stick, and discovered it was the same one I dropped along the road two days earlier. I soon discovered that every time I threw it away, it would return the moment I said the word "Fetch". To test its abilities, I even tried tying things to the stick, and ever time the stick would return, dragging along anything attached to it, no matter how heavy. I finally lost it one day when after throwing it, it was picked up by a gully dwarf who ran off with it. I tried calling "fetch", but it never returned.

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