Kender wand of tranformation
donated by Tasselhoff trapspringer

A gold plated steel rod with an emerald embeded in the front and small semi- precious stones embedded all over

History: It Made by a outcast black robed archmagus in the age of might thrown out of the conclave for a crime long forgotten. The black robe was left borderline psycotic from his especially horrible test at Istar and the dijection didnt help. In his rage he created this item to inflect a fate worse than death, the most horrible fate ever conceived. He gave it to a guiless kender to inflict fate upon people but the kender used the wand on him before and he was killed by a kender hating mob before he could see his masterpeice at work.

How it Works: Its friendly, valuble and most of all SHINY apperence has interested any kender who sees it. Any1 who the kender uses this on first starts to feel strange and before they know it have there subconcious transformed into a kender subconcious as well as there bodies into kender bodies. all the while they are still the same person with the same memories, likes, dislikes ect. but they become gripped with wanderlust, friendly, curious ect. the person is doomed to this fate for the rest of there lives, a kender body and mind with human, elf ect memories and feelings.

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