Kender Colorful Wand
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A small, unassuming brown wooden wand, except the end is covered in a patch of leather that constantly shifts color.

History: The creation of it is unknown, though it is assumed that either an insane (or kender) wizard created it as an experiment. It was recently found in the possesion of a Kender named Hapsfeld "Ferret-face" Redtaunter, who had it taken from him by his companions after an "incident". It's whereabouts are no longer known, (It's assumed Hap has it back).

How it Works: Simply enough, anything it's tip touches changes a random bright, vibrant color. The color "wears off" after a few hours returning to the original color, however it still can raise a great deal of havoc. The leather tip cover prevents it from changing the color of the pouch that carries it.

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