Salad Fork of Ergothian Dressing
donated by Stumbletoe Ropeknotter

The Salad Fork looks like any other fork, but with slightly longer teeth. Also, it has a slightly bluish tint to it when reflected in light.

History: The Salad Fork of Ergothian Dressing was created by a renegade kender wizard, who loved to eat salad but never had enough dressing. One day, a friend of his suggested the answer to his problems -- a magical fork that made dressing appear on top of any salad it touched. The kender wizard immediately went to work, and emerged three days later with the Salad Fork. Unfortunately, he apparently miscast a spell -- instead of his favorite Haven Style Dressing, he was treated to a helping of the blood-red Ergothian blend. Angry at his failure, the made through it out the window, where it has since passed into kender mythology.

How it Works: Whenever the Salad Fork touches a leaf lettuce salad, a glob of Ergothian Dressing appears on the top of the lettuce. The user then mixes the dressing in with the salad, and eats. Unfortunately, there are few in the world who actually like Ergothian Dressing, and thus the Fork has been cycled freely throughout Hylo, Kendermore, and a large part of Solamnia. Strangely, it has never been taken to Ergoth.

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