Gem of the Sage
donated by Bramble Moonwillow

This one is really neat. We keep it locked up under tight security somewhere in the great library of Hylo, although I can't tell you where, 'cause you might take it. It's a large gen, about three inches, shaped like an octagon, which hangs from a silver chain which isn't really attached to it by any normal way, just bonded to it.

History: How did I find it? Let's see... It was shortly after I inherited the great library of Hylo from that poor monk who died of a heart attack, which was, ummm... about three years after the second cataclysm. Peppin (my half cousin, used to be a cleric of Zivilyn) was praying for spells, which he still does, although I think it's a bitsilly since it's mystic magic, not god magic, but anyway, he was praying in his room and he yelled something, and we all came rushing in to see if he'd gone crazy or maybe there was a big demon there to eat us all and decimate Krynn (there wasn't *sigh* oh well, maybe next time). Well, Peppin was out cold, but he had this gem thing in his hand, and when I put it on, I found out what it did!

How it Works: What did it do? *rubs hands together with glee at getting to tell the best part* Well, whenever I put it on, which I'm only aloud to do once a year, according to this nice blind lady, although I think it's a really stupid restriction, but Peppin agrees with her and Peppin's another kender so if he didn't, he'd slip it on all the time to know... Oops, I still haven't told you what it does yet, have I? That's the cool part. When you put it on, you think of something, and although I can never remember what happens when it IS on, when I take it off, I know some of what Astinus knew about the subject! Only I can use it, 'cause I'm the master librarian, and we keep it locked up most of the time so no one'll find it. Actually, it's supposed to be a secret that we even have it, so don't tell anyone, okay?

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