The Stone of the Keeper
donated by Flop Twinkletoes

It seems to be nothing more than a normal rock of the most *beautiful* blue-green. It's shaped like a cube with rounded corners, and is about the size of a baseball--whatever THAT is.

History: This stone was discovered by a well-liked kender known as Talina Hoppifluff in a deep and dark cave somewhere on the coast of Solomnia. It was later stolen from her by a very ugly green dragon, who lost it to a knight in shining armor, from whom I borrowed it. He never asked for it back, which could be because the dragon paid a visit to the castle, but I don't think he wants it anymore.

How it Works: When you hold the stone and shut your eyes, when you say the magic words its magic will be activated. The words are Ally Mally Fuffle Bubble Gork. Isn't that exciting? Oh yeah! What it does is it summons the Keeper! No, not the Keeper of the underworld... the Bar Keeper! He will then give you any drink you desire. Final Warning: Do not show it to any mercenary or peasant, because they'll never give it back!

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