Statue of Llama
donated by Volfied Ravenwhistler

It looks like a stuffed llama toy, where when its spell is used otherwise, it becomes a normal sized llama.

History: Heya folks! Well... I guess this is the true story of the true story... This white robe, I don't remember his name, whom I met in a small town after my first day in wanderlust, made an offfer to me... He was really kind, and he was really trying to keep his pouches away from me, they stinked though, anyway... His offer was to make the ring... That ring was an ordinary ring that was hitch hiking on the path I travelled along... which was empty magical, where it meant it can be added a magical property, or so called artifact. I showed him Bill, my beloved llama and only companion, and he made this ring so that I could shrink Bill to a hand sized llama toy any time I want, and bring him back to actual size. But I never could enlarge him, I guess mage wasn't that powerful to let me do that...

How it Works: This ring and statue are always together, where ring is worn by the statues as a necklace when its not worn by someone. It shrinks and takes the llama back to actual size any time the bearer wants.

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