Dilliwickle's Diamond of Unboredum
donated by Korgos Grasssprinter

A typical diamond, it turns into wood when not in use to normal eyes (borrowed from Mishakal). To a kender, whoever, it is much more (see below).

History: This magical artifact was forged in the Age of Dreams. Dilliwickle, a cook and wizard, who lived in Balifor (the kender realm, not the modern-day port), often grew bored much more easily than other kender. He somehow created this (told many different times many different ways) although the true answer was forgotten by everyone except Gilean and Ziviliyn. Anyway, it was lost in the Age of Dreams and was never found again, until recently.

How it Works: If held by anyone, he can will it to become a diamond. It will make normal merchants try to buy it but to kender, just looking at it will never keep them bored. They will stand-openmouthed in shock, sometimes they will cry, laugh, or do any other thing. However, the kender will keep staring because the only reason they stop doing something is if they get bored, and this diamond makes them never get bored.

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