Orb of Kitty Attraction
donated by Keyhole Lockpicker

A crystal ball a little larger than a big marble (aka the shooter for people who play)

History: It is a birthday gift to my friend Celestia Swordfinder from Par- Salian, he told her that it was something he'd made once for one of his favorite kittens so he gave it to her because she loves kitties.

How it Works: If given to a cat the cat will have an absoultely wonderful time playing with it until it falls asleep (ever watched kittens play with anything?) all cats young or old in the general area (a few yards radius) will be compelled to join the game. Even the cranky old cat of the Captains on the ship we took to Ergoth came to play with it when we gave it to our kitten Mew Treeclimber!!

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