Murron's skull
donated by Slipshot Backflash

It is an average color (for a skull) and is about the size of a regular human skull. It is like a crossbetween a wolf and a human skull, and has very sharp teeth. The eyes glow when it getts near any other magical bones. It has also been known to speak about random things, most of which are in the past, however, a few are in the future.

History: Murron (my friend) was walking through a forest, when she suddenly fell into a hole in the top of an underground cave. Poking around at the rocks, she discovered the skull under a boring looking set of golden plate armor. Picking it up it began to talk to her! Talking back to it, she asked a random question "Hmm, I wonder if I will ever get out of here?" When suddenly, it answered her! "A man is coming, don't call out to him, but there is anouther man coming after him. Call out to him for help, he won't hurt you." Following his advice, it proved to be true. Unfortunitly, she met an unfortunat end, and gave it to me to bring here with her last dying breath.

How it Works: When it is around other magical bones, it's eyes glow a firey red, and sometimes it even shakes. If you are lucky, and it likes you, then sometimes it will answere questions that you ask it, however, do be forwarned: it doesn't always tell the future, sometimes it tells what happened in the past, and having nothing to do with the question you asked it. It gives this away by pausing before it answers. So do listen carefully.

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