Die of return
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it looks and feels and weighs the same as a normal die, although it has different numbers of spots each time you look at it.

History: It was also an accident of the gods. When Kender were accidently made, the patron god of tricksters was playing with dice and accidently dropped this rather interesting die. He didn't realize all of its properties, although he did know how to make the die show whichever numbers he wanted it to.

How it Works: The Kender drops it into someone else's pouch and waits for three days. Whatever that person has accumulated in those three days automatically comes into the Kender's pouch. Seeing as to how Kender never put anything in anyone else's pouch, nothing usually ever happens, but on that lucky occasion... Plus this only works for Kender. (And it raises luck 1 point, only on Kender)

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