The Kendragon Figurine
donated by Mapshaker Wanderfuss

The Kendragon Figurine This figurine is small enough fit in the palm of a kender's hand. It is made of brass and has two small dark red stones for its eyes. It has elegant spiraled horns and perfect tiny scales suggestive of dwarven craftsmanship. It is seated with its tail curled around its legs and it's wings are furled as if testing the wind.

History: The figurine came to be called the Kendragon figurine because It was first used by a kender. The mage who lost the item got it back, but since the tale of the kendragon has been told in the kender communities the mage has had a very hard time keeping track of it.

How it Works: f the wings are pushed back a small needle will protrude from the end of the tail. If the needle draws blood it will retract. The figurine uses the blood to identify the person it is performing the magic on. Ten rounds after the figurine has tasted blood the person affect will turn into a brass Kendragon. The only way to reverse the spell is to read the tiny inscription on the back of the Kendragon. It says, "Su margath naga nulis". One this has been said in the presence of the figurine the affected person will revert back to his or her normal state. A successful saving throw against spell will prevent the effects of the figurine. A kendragon is in actuality just a young brass dragon. They have some of the same characteristics as kender. They are curious, they tend to be selfish and collect things, and they LOVE to talk. The person that is affected does not have the general knowledge of how to fly, fight, or use breath weapons. They have to figure that out on their own. If they take damage while in dragon form they will retain the same amount proportionate to their own hit points.

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