Nuitari Speakingstone
donated by Thornn Bramblebug

The Nuitari Speakingstone is a piece of black rock on a black silk cord. The Speakingstone is shaped like a sphere with a web design carved all around it. It is the highest honor Nuitari can bestow on a mortal besides leadership of the Order. Thornn Bramblebug has one.

History: Nuitari made it as a way to keep track of his kender mages, as well as a way to honor their superior skills. He made it out of rock from his moon, using his bare hands. Reorx has all the hammers, you see, and he wouldn't share.

How it Works: The Speakingstone allows the wearer to confer with Nuitari at any time, and confers upon said lucky individual the gift of tongues. That is, he or she can understand and speak any language. It also protects the wearer to some degree against other magics.

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