The Marbles of Taunting
donated by Bookworm Pageturner

The marbles look like an one thierd inch multi-colored cats-eye marbles. When in use they appear to have a tiny glowing mouths. The pouch they are held in always has a warning lable. "Kender Magic At Work. Beware!"

History: One day five years before the second dragon war a kender by the name of Thadius Tauntmonger befriended (for lack of a better word) a black robed wizard named Hexen. Unfortunatly for Hexen, Thadius was overly proud of his taunting skills and jumped at the chance to use them. This got them into seemingly no end of trouble. One day after narrowly excaping a particularly angry croud Hexen devised a way to teach his little friend a lesson. He created the marbles to taunt at his friend for endless hours after hearing someone say a taunt. This lasted for 125 days until Thadius realized he could use these to his advantage. From then on the marbles have been passes around by kender for ages and each bag has the warning on it. "Kender Magic At Work. Beware!"

How it Works: There are 2d12 Taunting Marbles in a bag. Each marble contains 1d100 different taunts. You rub the marbles to activate them. They stay taunting a target until put back into the Warning pouch. Creatures tageted by the marbles must make a saving throw vs. spell (plus wisdom bonus). If the being fails they attack the kender with a -4 to hit and a +2 penalty to there armor for 1d10 rounds. Every 5 taunts add a -1 to hit and a +1 penalty to armor for 1d4+1 extra rounds.

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