Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

The Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence appears to be a sphere of blackened charcoal, still retaining it's iridescent glow. However, it is cool to the touch and no filmy ash rubs onto the hand.

History: An Black Robed Archmage during the Age of Might created the Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence as revenge against an unsuspecting Knight of the Rose for winning the heart of a beautiful maiden. Needless to say the Black Robe was successful in his revenge but the Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence is still at large today.

How it Works: The Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence drains the life of owner until it kills him. The possession of this destructive sphere never lasts for more than a week. At first the owner will not notice anything unusual while he carries the sphere but soon his face will become haggard and become short of breath. Then he will die with the name of the malefactor is whispered into his name over and over. If the one who possessed the Sphere is resurrected by divine intervention or a wish spell then he will immediately become a zombie under control of the malefactor. The name of the malefactor will be repeated over and over again as the zombie exists in its undead state.

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