The Load Stone
donated by Piddlewit Cliffhopper

The Load Stone is the most interesting piece of rubble in the multiverse. Its multi-colored surface is covered with splotches of interesting fuzzy moss.

History: Piddlewit Cliffhopper, overstaying his welcome with a tempermental mage, found this rock while wandering about. The ornery mage told him it was very special, and that he would enchant it. He did. The next time Piddlewit "borrowed" the rock was the last. Rest in peace, Piddlewit.

How it Works: This stone is very casual about owners. Any non-kender who touches it becomes its new owner. Kender, though not magically drawn to the stone in any way, will undoubtedly have it slip into their pouch accidentally. When a kender touches the stone, every object within fifty feet, including people, trees, sharp objects and large rocks, will be sucked toward the poor kender, crushing him or her in a pile of really neat stuff. A great housewarming gift.

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