The Marble of Pouch Dropping
donated by Capinstock Slightfinger

The Marble of pouch dropping looks like an ordinary 1" clear crystal marble, except inside of the marble is a tiny black shiny bead of liquid. The item is a great asset when playing marbles, because of its perfect roundness, and superior quality of glass... or is it crystal... Oh well that's not important. But anyway, it was very beautifully crafted, and being such a rarity as far as perfection goes, it was coveted by many marble shooters and travelling collectors.

History: This Marble was created by a Sylus Godsbane of Morbalor, for the intended purpose of keeping his assistent scribe, Destin Mournwillow, from Finding everything in his laboratory and forgetting where the right place to put it was at, therefore deciding to keep it with him for safe keeping. Sylus Gave it to him as a present and said, "Always keep it near you... it'll keep others safe. And if you ever lose it, shout out at the top of your lungs, STOP THIEF!!! and you should know where it is," and Destin, not knowing of the true intentions, abided cheerfully, because it was not every day that Sylus would give him such a treasure. About two days later, Destin went to a local tavern, and ordered a drink, to go along with the nifty bowl of pretzels he had found on one of the tables on his way to the counter, with the money he had found next to the tall guy standing at the entrance... and well... the guy behind the bar didn't look too happy, especially when he started yelling and screaming about he was about to have a new special on the menu featuring me, and all though it sounded interesting to him to see what it would be like to be a special on a menu, This guy didn't seem to think it was a nice thing, so Destin Calmly exited the bar... at 25mph., While the Barkeep started yelling, "STOP THIEF, STOP THIEF!!!!!!", and one by one, all of Destins many pouches fell to the ground with a clatter. When he stopped to pick them all up, he was caught and thrown into jail. Sylus was summoned to come bail him out, so he came down to Morbalor County Jail and bailed him out. When they got home, Sylus asked Destin if he learned any thing. To this,Destin sullenly replied,"Yeah... If I'm gonna go to town, I need to tie my pouches a lot tighter." Sylus laughed at this, while he made a request to have the marble returned. Almost as soon as Sylus had it, he chunked it out the window towards a mountain range about 10 miles away. At this same instant, a homebound Kender (homebound meaning the road in front of him) happened to be walking along the very spot where the marble landed, and of course he saw it, so he leaned over and picked it up and put it in his pouch, all the while remarking on what good luck he has had recently, "First a glowing grey stone, then a red spiked suit of armor, now this... what a strange world." And so....... The world received about the only form of protection against a Kender..... "STOP THIEF!!!!!!!!!!"

How it Works: The marble of pouch dropping makes the holder of it have a difficulty holding his/her pouches. The enchantment placed on this item makes all of the holders pouches unlatch, undo, come off, or come out of any place on the holder they are at, and fall to the ground, open up and spill out all over the place but only when one of the power words are spoke, STOP THIEF. It can take anywhere from 1d4-1d100 rounds, according to how many pouches, items within them, and by how high the dexterity of the character is(In the most extreme case, 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,245 pouches and at least a hair clipping in each, it could take an automatic extreme time limit to regain each item and replace it in the original pouch, which to a Kender in particular is VERY important. This can only be counteracted with a natural 20 on a Dex. check), but that of course is up to the GM. A suggested scale for extreme measures is to either roll 1d100, or 5d20's to determine the actual time frame. *Note, if this scale is used, it could amount to a couple of in game months, so you could probably set up a whole new adventure of trying to get back all the Items, because you know that Kender are very forgetful, and by this time, they probably wouldn't know exactly what was in those pouches... so magical labels could be good to work in somewhere.*

Technical schtuff: This item should be treated as a cursed magical item, with a -2 on dexterity rolls for recapturing items within 1d4 rounds, and a fumble would result in rolling 1d100 to find out how many rounds it will take to get everything back... or at least everything not found by someone else. Dex modifiers: for every Five points under dexterity, the number of rounds will decrease a fourth of the total original roll for rounds. If this results in a number below 1, then character may do some minor task in the same round.

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