Color changing peble of one color.
donated by Litehand Fleetfoot

Its a small stone that can esaly be fit into the palm of your hand. Its black, compleatly, and in the dark you can't even see it. It's realy smooth too, and looks kind of glossey.

History: I found this wonderfull stone on an adventure to the High Clerist's Tower. I was quite a fun day, you see there were thease knights who wouldn't let me in... oh, they wouldn't let you in either? Well then, you must know about that loose grate near the side then? Well anyways, I made my way into the tower and started looking around the lower levels (I wanted to go to the top but the knights chased me away). There wasn't very many rooms down there, but there was this one room that looked like it was still in use. It was full of many wonderfull things, but most of them shocked me when I touched them, or they were too cold to pick up. After a while I found some items that wern't protected by spells, they were in a small iorn basket in the cornor of the room along with some crumpled paper and scraps of food. I don't know why thease items were there, but I took this stone and tryed for the upper levels again. I was promptly leaded out of the tower, but they let me keep the stone if I promised never to come back. And thats how I found it.

How it Works: Well you first have to hold it in you hand. Then, if you close your hand over it tightly, you'll change color. You can only change the same black as the stone, but you compleatly change including your clothing and pouches and items and well everything you have. So you realy look like a moving black thing, and I mean realy black, if its night you can't even be seen.Also, you look al glossey like the stone does, so light reflects off you, witch is realy weird becaus I didn't think black could reflect light.

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