Kender Artifact of Companionship
donated by Keysnatch Windowbreaker

The artifact is a 7-sided die. On each of it's sides, there is a single dot that glows green. Whenever the artifact is put into use, the whole die glows in a multitude of colors, for about 3 seconds altogether.

History: Once, Keysnatch Windowbreaker found a ring in a dragons horde. It turned out to be a wishing ring - It would grant the first person who used it one wish. Several days later, after narrowly escaping death-by-minotaur, the kender said out loud: "I wish people wouldn't keep thinking that I'm a thief!" To Keysnatch's surprise, the ring on his hand started to glow. It rose of Keysnatch's finger and into his hand. There, the ring started changing shape - until it became the Kender Artifact of Companionship.

How it Works: Whenever the owner of the artifact "borrows" something from another person, the artifact will create a duplicate of that object in the same place and position it was beforehand. However, this duplicate will dissapear when the kender gets "out of range" of the person, which is in this case out of a mile's radius from the person (or when the person gets out of the kender's range, of course). Thus it has happened very often that a poor unsuspecting person finds that his pants have mysteriously evaporated for no apperent reason. It once happened that a kender "borrowed" the Artifact of Companionship from another kender, which caused there to be TWO Artifacts. For some reason, the duplicate never dissapeared, although all attempts to recreate this event and duplicate the artifact again have failed.

The artifact gets it's name from the fact that if nobody knows that the kender has it, people will get along well with him, because they won't find their stuff constantly disapearing. On the other hand, if the kender's companions know of the artifact and of it's powers, it becomes a Kender Artifact of Lonliness, because no-one wants to only find out what's gone missing after the kender is over a mile away...

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