The @$%!!*$ Teleportation Crystal
donated by Jorin Thistleknott

The @$%!!*$ Teleportation Crystal is, true to it's name, a crystal. It is about 6 inches tall and about 4 inches wide, maybe 1 1/2 inches thick. It is shaped into three prongs, splitting off from the central one. (think a natural amythyst) It is a light emerald green in color, and slightly opaque. On it are faintly glowing runes that change every couple of seconds.

History: To be perfectly frank, I have no idea. I was just digging around in my Kender Pouch of Holding (see the magical pouches list - I rolled a 1-00!!!) and pulled it out.

How it Works: The runes on the surface that periodically change are actually a timer that counts down. The thing is, they're written in some ancient language and magic doesn't work if you try to use it to understand them. You can tell when you have about a week left (one rune dissapears) and when you have about a day left (another rune dissapears) and then when there's about five minutes left. (they start dropping like crazy) When all the runes dissapear, anyone touching the crystal is transported to wherever the owner is thinking about. Then, whether it was used or not, the timer resets to a random amount and starts again. (we got trapped on an island for more than six weeks once!) The reason it's called the @$#@!! crystal is because it's basically a tool for the DM to move the party around when and if he wants!

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