Pearl of Hylo
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

The Pearl of Hylo doesn't look as grand as it sounds. Sure, it's a pearl the size of a fist (kender), but it's got scratches and huge gouge-marks all across its surface. It only has value to True or Afflicted kender. Kender living on Taladas have never heard of the Pearl of Hylo, and thus will not be awed by its great reputation among the Kender of Ansalon. This is true for the Kendar as well.

History: A long time ago, a wee kender sprout found a small pearl among the sand. He took it up, and kept it with him as a keepsake. For some reason, he never told anyone about the pearl (this is an odd thing because kender are a race of extroverts and rarely keep anything a secret, especially when they are young...) The Pearl of Hylo has been passed along from kender to kender for centuries afterwards.

How it Works: The Pearl of Hylo is a queer thing. For each owner it has, it collects the memory of the owner like a siphon. This is not to say that the Pearl sucks away the memories of the owner. Rather, it makes a copy of them and stores them into the pearl. The pearl is then passed on (or borrowed) and another owner repeats the cycle. Because of the hundreds or thousands of kender memories inside it, the Pearl of Hylo has grown to great proportions (fist-sized, remember?). Now, what's the use of storing all these memories inside a single pearl? Well, no one knows, actually... But, hey, there IS a use!! A spellcaster (be she arcane or divine) can concentrate on the pearl for 10-30 minutes and receive some random memory stored within the Pearl. The longer one concentrates on the Pearl, the more specific one can be in the time period of the memory. This makes for a useful storytelling device as one can relive the memories of Dariken Whistlewhit or Mariella Troglotoe. Researchers can find out what kender were doing centuries before! What a marvelous device!! Unfortunately, the Pearl of Hylo has not been taken care of very well... As I said, many a scratch mark the once- smooth sides of the Pearl. And non- kender don't take much stock for the thing....

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