Stone of Kender Control
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

It looks like a rather small jewel thing. Very bright and multicolored, like a rainbow.

History: Once, there was a frustrated cleric of Paladine who was trying to enlighten the kender in the faith of her god. She clutched a seemingly dull stone from nowhere and prayed hard to her god.

How it Works: The Stone of Kender Control is a rather misleading name. It works as per the Suggestion spell. However, for the kender's Will Save, they don't get their +1 natural resistance as they normally do. Kender are, after all, very vulnerable to the affects of this stone. The stone can, of course, be used on non-kender, though they get +1 to their Will Save, since the stone was not designed for use against non-kender. Any claims that Paladine blessed the stone are met by kender with loud cries of dismay that their venerable old grandfater, Fizban, would possibly have anything against THEM.

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